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drawn in 12 min with Chicken Paint
buffaww (Nov 14, 2021)
buffaww (Nov 14, 2021)
drawn in 12 min
davincipoppalag (Nov 15, 2021)
It must be the aliens
buffaww (Nov 16, 2021)
They are all blaming each other.OH you do know that the IRS is going to invade everyone's bank accts and double tax them?Biden administraTION IS DOING THIS.YES.Now if you have a bank acct of $600. or more,the IRS is going into your bank acct, invading it, and taxing it--even though we already have been taxed,THIS IS ILLEGAL.REALLY ILLEGAL.The banks can't stop them.--The banks already know this.WELL, ITS NOT OUR COUNTRY ANYMORE.We can't even have our own baNK ACCTS ANY MORE!!the fed govt and the irs own our money.AMERICA IS OVER.WHOEVER BIDEN AND HARRIS BELONG TO, they are the NEW COMMUNIST-FASCIST GOVT. This is no longer a democracy or a republic, it is a communist-fascist empire.--NO ONE can obey the laws.Everyone will have to go underground and break all the fed.govt. laws.--And don't think the very rich will have to obey this.If you doubt this, go online and go to a lot of news websites that have this;I found it on my android right on Google.This is NOT ON TV NEWS.TV NEWS IS ALL CENSORED. iT IS ON "nEW $600. BANK ACCT. TAX LAWS"--OR "NEW IRS LAWS INVADE YOUR BANK ACCTS TO TAX THEM." it is real. --unlike Biden and Harris, who are "dummy-puppets of Fascist-hidden powers."--You will now have NO CONTROL OVER ANYTHING IN YOUR BANK.--OR YOUR TAXES.--NOT UNLESS you are filthy rich or related to Biden.
buffaww (edited Nov 17, 2021)
YES they are only backing down a little.They are not letting go of the basic NEW IRS LAWS.--BIDEN IS NOT GETTING RID OF IT.If your abuela spends that $10.000. in one year,on her house repairs,that IRS will still get riffed to her,via its computer software,--automatically.The bad thing is "software automatically goes DING--"iT DOES NOT HAVE MERCY OR WIT,OR INTELLIGENCE--It gets you,and that is the result of the new law.BILLIONAIRES can have software made so their money never goes--DING!!--Cause their wealth always allows them to buy off IRS off spftware makers,or buy off the whol;e bleedin FED GOVT. yOU AND I will always be the little guys who can't get away.If you don't beieve that,I had "a trainINg job"where I made $100. a month,and the IRS NICKED ME FOR TAXES ON IT.--i was small fry,they could always get us low earners; ajd I know very poor people who work,in Michigan,barely stay alive,and they get heavily taxewd over every penny they make.--cause they are helpless, so the IRS GETS THEM ALL THE TIME.They have to eat cereal for dinner.---and still pay fyyyking taxes!!!
You think it will get worse?yeah its going t0o get much worse.A lot of people think we are heading for Civil War.8.4 million new gun owners in one year say it will come.--that many new,in one year!!EVERYONE is arming themselves.--ammo makers ARE TURNING IT OUT.nEW HANDGUNS ARE NOw invented for the old hand and disabled folk.--Go online and see the huge new websites of the NRA--THEY HAVE MILLIONS OF NEW MEMBERS.--EVEN WE OLD PEOPLE DO IT.--PEOPLE IN WHEELCHAIRS .not jokinmg!!! .>:( MOI!!---AND LITTLE KIDS especially in the Southern states.--they get taught how to safely not hurt themselves if they see a gun.--or they are taught how to use one for huntinmg.I'm NOT ABLE to take lessons here,my feet have broken toes.--My toes need to heal up--or i'd be learning to aim as we speak.
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