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SamuelOwoadeOfficial (Aug 13, 2021)
I do animate a bit myself...
buffaww (edited Sep 4, 2021)
No, not any more.What kind animation?Speak of Cartoonies I wanted to ask people "What do you think of fantastic art work in "Rick and Morty"?I'm mainly talking about detailed settings, characters ,planets, and all the very complex stuff they do for almost every story.I liked Looney Toons,ect. but most cartooning was not SO COMPLEX and detailed. -- new style of cartooning. "Adult, "fast as a chimp on coke,"breakneck speed, and every exact detail necessary for the current episode. Yeah,I kept thinking,"What are they snorting, ingesting or smoking to do such a fast detailed story?Is it Cartoonists on Meth? "I hope not. It's probably more like "$$$!!GET IT FINISHED NOW!$$"ON THE OTHER HAND,i have no idea what Disney's artists did either. Lots of coffee? Uppers? Diet Pills?
ilm very impressed with what good art work they do.Maybe not Rock and Morty's characters, but the monsters and aliens ect. Blow my mind.--Very detailed environments. ect ect.The story IS a satire of "Dr. Who" in the beginning ,weird scientist,but Rick is deranged, degenerate, and kind of sociopathic. He does want to be with his family--so he lives with them,and messes up his grandson's head.--and ofhen gets The family in general in trouble.-

-The real Dr, Who supposidly had no mental or emotional problems.---which yeah, is unlikely..

IN that case, the "Rick and Morty's"character is more degenerate but more HUMAN.DR. WHO does not seem very human to me.--Anyone who constantly loses their body,has no real home,and does have "friendship only" companions must be pretty alien. And,Yes, Rick and Morty is very fun, even his family is interesting.
SidLovesArt11 (edited Dec 5, 2022)
I'm an animator, I use a website called to animate,
modna (Sep 28, 2023)
What free software do you recommend for beginner?
susu (Sep 28, 2023)
Flipaclip or wick editor
RUSSIANFOXX (edited Oct 8, 2023)
i only animated one lil something and dat was it. btw how do you even sign up for flipanim lol
---Luna (Nov 13, 2023)
it tried to register but nothing was on the page
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