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marcello (Feb 7, 2021)
2draw now has 3 new drawing apps you can use: Kleki by bitbof, ChickenPaint by Nicholas Sherlock (a port of Marc Schefer’s Chibipaint), and Lascaux Sketch 2 by yours truly.

All three apps are built using modern web technology (JavaScript and canvas, not Java), which allows them to launch faster, access newer features, and more future proof. Try ‘em out today!
davincipoppalag (Feb 7, 2021)
nice to see all the new life here!!//. this is still my favorite site
marcello (Feb 7, 2021)
I cleaned up a few cobwebs, too :)
Roytje (Feb 8, 2021)
Niceeeee to see you're still busy with this site, marcello! Maybe I can give it a try :)
Dragonspiders0 (Mar 8, 2021)
davincipoppalag (Mar 8, 2021)
General-RADIX (May 30, 2021)
Haven't been here in a while, but this is cool to hear! Especially the future-proofing.
kanejoyce (Aug 4, 2021)
I haven't been here in a long time, but this is exciting news! The future-proofing, in particular.
buffaww (Sep 4, 2021)
Anyone see Marcellos art here? Beautiful portraits.Really great! :)
sourabhpropshop (Sep 8, 2021)
oooh, I wish I have iPhone but I don't have iPhone.
davincipoppalag (Sep 17, 2021)
They are for desktop and laptop not iphone
TaCO (edited Oct 29, 2021)
Cool, I like new shiny things 😎
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