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drawn in 37 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Black_Bird (May 20, 2020)
I check here once in awhile and it looks like it is working again kinda, the pen pressure doesn't work but ah well.
Black_Bird (May 20, 2020)
drawn in 37 min
davincipoppalag (May 20, 2020)
Glad to see you!.. Marcello was here yesterday.. said theres a plugin that makes this work on Chrome..and he might be trying a retrofit to make Lascaux work on some other platform than java
Black_Bird (edited May 20, 2020)
Ah cool, having pen pressure on again would be cool. And thanks!
marcello (edited May 22, 2020)
Might be possible to get pressure working, I’ll do some brainstorming on that.

Update: yea, it’s possible. I’ll add it to the site this weekend.
Black_Bird (May 23, 2020)
marcello (May 23, 2020)
Alright, I’ve pushed up support for tablet pressure. No JTablet required!
Black_Bird (May 25, 2020)
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