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dorothyblueeyes (Feb 20, 2015)
SORRY THIS IS NOT censored, but we have nudes here all the time. yes, the IRS has less people to collect fees from you, if you refuse to buy Obamacare. Some clever computer guy should rig up a fake insurance title, saying you bought it (who can't get a WA DC official copy of those>?>)and sell them to people, to show to the IRS. HERE, I BOUGHT IT!!

tell them, THEIR SYSTEM IS FUCKED UP, OBOMB, I GOT THE INSURANCE, SEE?? easy to make money this way, maybe. hey, fake licenses, fake birth certificates, there's alreaady a whole market. why not fake-obomb-insur.-title-proof??

capitalism takes imagination.
dorothyblueeyes (Feb 20, 2015)
drawn in 1 hour 11 min
davincipoppalag (Feb 20, 2015)
I think it's cheaper to pay the penalty than to buy the insurance for some..
dorothyblueeyes (edited Oct 3, 2015)
(of course you all can avoid reading this, but i can tell you a lot of real experiences, i know of, in Oregon, with obamacare, fees, and taxes, and the insurance; i got it from all the many people i've met and talked to--a lot.)---

hah, you want to hear quotations, of real people, real tax fees? Quote: van driver for small disabled,transport co,. low-income: "400. bucks fee tax, the first year; 2nd year, tax fee for not buying obama care, $700.--on top of yer regular taxes every year." It keeps going up, every year YOU do not get Obamacare. (guess who is financially supporting obamacare now, besides billions taken from medicare)???.

how do you qualify for Obamacare insurance, in Oregon? you cannot WORK FULL TIME, to support yerself; you must quit most hrs, of work, and go on the lowest welfare income, to qualify legaALLY FOR OBAMACARE IN THE STATE OF OREGON.if you do not believe me, go to all the state of Oregon requirements, application,laws,rules, rates, websites, to find exact qualifications of income to get it.if you do not get LEGALLY CERTIFIED ,by fed. and state health insurance, meaning, one thru Obamacare, you will pay,every year, higher and higher tax fee to the fed. govt.---you need to find websites or chats, where people are listing, and talking about, ALL THE problems, rules,laws,they are dealing with, refusing Obamacare, or qualifying for obamacare. in the state of Oregon, the only people who qualify, are unemployed, on welfare, with almost no income. THOSE are the only ones who can get it.

the OTHER FOLKS WHO WORK LOW PAY,HAVE DEPENDENTS,(i KNOW THESE PEOPLE) HAVE TO DO THIS, BEFORE THEY CAN use OBAMACARE THEY QUALIFY FOR: PAY ANYWHERE FROM $5,OOO. TO 8,000. DOLLARS,deductable, before they are allowed to use their insurance. if you do not pay the thousands, you can't use the insurance(the "deductable" they call it.) if people DO QUALIFY, they cannot pay any where from 5 to at least 8.000. dollars deductable to use it. most others who CAN get it, are stopped from using it, by the huge deductable.

THEN, WHY are all workers required to pay increasing tax fees,every year, when its impossible for them to work, and] qualify for it? ANSWER: So that all working people with full time jobs, are FORCED TO PAY ALL THOSE FEE TAXES, TO pay for the program. they are funding it--but as long as they work at real jobs, they cannot get it!!

"CATCH 22": this is the whole deliberate design of Obamacare: for the non-qualifying workers, to be refused membership, so they are keep paying the taxes)altho now they have NO MED INSURANCE) --the workers MUST PAY THE TAXES FOR IT---and in Oregon, only the non-working, poor, lowest on welfare can get it.

REMEMBER Obama's party desired theory of "income distribution"? that's it. YOU ALL GET ENDLESSLY TAXED, MORE EVERY YEAR. BUT---no one supports your med, insurance. --because you work at a job. you are on yer own, for health care(but you have to pay for non-workers, not even disabled or seniors. )???) seniors and disabled cannot get obamacare- they too are FUNDING IT.

(employers are able to avoid obamacare by' making you an independent, contracted outside worker, not part of the company; or, forcing you to only work part time, so you can't get insurance. medicare is cut billions, of $$$$$, to put into obamacare. (the republicans are no better; they want to dump medicare into insurance co.s, which are now refusing to pay for,or take people with "chronic.already-acquired health problems or illnesses." the very sick. no agency or dept. of govt, is forcing insur. co. to accept chronically ill people. they are still refused. (go ahead, ask a bunch of them if they'll accept people on kidney failure-dialysis, or other very chronic illnersses.) this was fully opened to news, by eugene-register guard newspaper here.

you would have to get a good attorney, very sharp, to go thru the huge massive bill of Obamacare, to understand it, or even manage to get it.also. a good attorney would have to wrangle "loop holes" and "contradictions" of the law, to try and either get you qualified while you still work enough to live, OR find a way to GET OUT OF IT.(that is fed.legally impossible; get very sick, insane,bi-polar, not work, lose everything, go in hospital, whatever, and become homeless before any agency will even get you a room to live in.) still, people do go broke every day,still.

(even disabled persons are regularly refused to get section 8 housing, or local social-services to get off the streets, UNTIL THEY GET HOMELESS COMPLETELY. being in danger of becoming homeless is not enough. only women, alone,on welfare, with kids, get housing first.)

i have talked to paralyzed persons, in wheelchairs, who could not get any section 8 housing for ten years. --they were technically homeless.I do not know how most of them survived; some did not.Many of them were not in very good shape. women on welfare , with kids, always get housing first. there were able-bodied women, not mentally ill, who were on welfare for 21 yrs, with kids, had section 8; they were only recently forced to start working, or lose section 8. housing. their reasons for not working? "I want to be a stay-at home mom," was a common reason. color was no barrier; white moms did the same thing. to the govt. single women with kids,and no husband, altho able to work,and not mentally ill, and able-bodied, have been allowed to be on welfare, just cause they had kids.they went to college for years, even got 2 degrees(several cases i know of) had money toi keep getting degrees, never were forced to just go to work.I spoke to one woman, who, most of her life, simply went to college, and kept being financed to keep getting degreess. it was her whole "job." HOW she had "worked the system" to do this, i do not know. there are many people,i met, who KNOW how to do this; they know every rule,law,oppurtunity, ect, ect, to get low housing, free turkeys every thanksgiving and xmas, get a house with 5 kids on section 8; and deliberately forced employers to keep FIRING THEM so they could keep getting unemployment, cause it PAID MORE THAN ANY JOB!!!(i was let into this system, by an old worker who knew it all,and gave me the low down; they can't stop people from doing this, forcing employer to fire them,so they can just keep getting unemployment. maybe that is no longer available? --but they kept qualifying for it.)

Oregon is the state of the unmarried mom on welfare, or on very low paid jobs.. WHY someone with no husband,or boyfriend, or money, would deliberately have kids, all by themselves, is beyond me.But it is typical here. These kids do not live very well,WHY someone would deliberately have kids,and put them thru bad poverty, is unexplainable.I don't understand it. probably the trend is"no one will marry me,so i'll have kids anyhow." or" no one loves me,so my kids will do it all." --which is a huge mistake.

many parents cannot avoid being poor,they work anyhow.MY parents were poor,and my dad really worked hard.Oregon was just a place of low pay,and few opportunity; we moved to California,specifically so my dad could work in the aero-space industery, for 9 yrs. My parents saved almost every penny.When areo-space busted, we went back to Oregon,and my dad had his own tiny jewelry-watch-making shop, AND WORKED EXTRA JOBS,TOO. He had to.We kids workked in the produce fields every summer.all summer. we lived at home, so we could afford college.during college, we worked in the canning factory during summer.(and got sick every summer.)

We knew all the work-class people here; most were pretty nice. But the work class is now getting ROYALLY SCREWED by the fed. govt. and even local govts, for very high taxes. work class, even low income, now pay 2 or 3 times as much fed. taxes, than they did before Obama. the rich are NOT GETTING SQUEEZED--the work class, even low working class, and left over middele class, even seniors on medicare, ALL ARE NOW SUPPORTING THE FED. GIOVT. TAXES. even people making low enough job income, to qualify for foodstamps, are still getting fed. taxed as much as $5,000. I cannot believe whom the fed. govt. is taxing!!!! (??)

what some of us figured out, is that banks and insurance co.s,and financial co.s, ect. are making all the money.THEY are the real winners of this economy.Big fat financial institutes, big fat banks; the federal reserve. yeah, people who have tons of good stock, public utility funds,and are RICH. and big fat corrupt business. people who just work for a living, are paying most of the taxes to fed. the fed. govt. leadwrs and officials, depts. themselves,. in WA DC, THEY are making all the dough. except for the best-paid tech & computer industries, workers are going the way of the dinosaur.

the only way you can get upper middle, or avoid being poor, is :run for govt. offices,win,and rule. Become the rulers. Get successful in the tech industry. it is the BIG FAT BILLIONAIRES, and HUGE MONEY SUCCESSES, WHO MAKE IT---not THE WORKING MIDDLE CLASS, WORKERS PAY FOR everything IN THE COUNTRY ,BANKERS, BANKS, PEOPLE IN HIGH FINANCE, HIGH BUSINESS,

YOU HAVE TO GET UP THERE---OR YOU'LL END UP STRUGGLING ALL THE TIME AS A worker. workers are bearing all the costs,taxes,pressures,risk,unemployment, hugh high cost of living, expensive food, ect. Workers are the new peasants, who bear the burden costs of the country. --without the advantages of working. the very rich, and very poor, have an out. no one who works has any loop holes. the usa of the worker is OVER. If you are very discouraged from working hard, bearing all the costs, yer not alone.If you try to work part time, as a disabled person, you liose a great deal of money; you are punished for trying to work.--many people who TRY TO WORK, are punished by the govt., from doing it.I am not kidding. the IRS caanot touch the wealthy and powerful---but it can tax very highly the low income, or part time worker,--and it does.

talk about a real "CATCH 22" in reality.the USA TODAY. our govt, wants young people to join the military,figfht,die,overseas, even the national guard--but the VA is hopeless and a failure.if you get hurt,or disabled, in the military, and come back to the VA HOSPITALS, you often get little treatment.--which is why i advise young people,"do not join the military now; yer not fighting for or protecting yer own Americans here."--I really advise, don't go into the military. Vietnam was bad enough; the wars now are even WORSE. they NEVER end,and they are always more and miore, everywhere else in the world. we need young people here, who might have to protect Americans, friends,neighbors, family, over here. its completely possible in the future; even the national guard gets sent over-seas!!I was never a non-support-military, but i am now.STAY HERE, AND DO NOT JOIN ANY FED. MILITARY. I absolutely advise this, having seen tons of war. stay in the USA. THANK YOU. :)
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