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dorothyblueeyes (Jan 12, 2014)

ok, i'm doing this, it's unfinished, and its un-nerving me!---because I have not done anything so down-&-dirty, not "pretty,"or "smooth, slick", and its hard to do.I know what its like to be poor myself, its not so hard to lose it all,now,no safety-nets.Anyone can lose their job, or retirement. or always be poor by fate, and never have enough money to live on.Oregon is often bad, so I'm trying 4o stuff all the faces into one big cardboard box.

Art has MUCH BETTER SHOCK EFFECT to put in people's faces, when they ignore any message, letters, postings, ect.or even ads on 5v or magazine, ect.All the bunch with money easily IGNORE anything unpleasant in the real world.Our leaders and "masters" are cut-off from real people.They WANT to be cut off, we're all very unpleasant.And this picture really gets to me!it's all the FACES who constitute the "rabble", stuffed into cardboard!!

it's not great art, it just seems to come together, to me, somehow.thanks. its hard for me to do, now.
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