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drawn in 1 hour 6 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Roytje (Nov 15, 2013)
Roytje (Nov 15, 2013)
drawn in 1 hour 6 min
Teapot (Nov 15, 2013)
He's got a calculating glint in his eye. I feel like I've run out of superlatives to use in response to your work, that you must get bored reading the same old raves but I have to say it anyway. Wow. This is beautiful. Masterful.
davincipoppalag (Nov 15, 2013)
fantastic work Roy
Miss_DJ (Nov 16, 2013)
Kloxboy (Nov 16, 2013)
Stands out. Pretty sweet portrait, bro.
dorothyblueeyes (Nov 16, 2013)
I love how the person floats in the dark background, as if its formed OUT of the dark, not a white canvas. sigh. northern part of the world influences the way we see objects and landscape, people. The LIGHT is so different from very hot parts of the world. (obviously I'm a northerner-or-cold-climate person myself. Oregon is cold damp, with clouds preventing the light and sun from shining on us, most of the year. I'm not too clear on Roytje's country-climates, but I think its COLD. ??? Beautiful, Roytje. :)
fleeting_memory (Nov 17, 2013)
This is going to sound weirdly specific, but I really like the wrinkles under the left-hand eye. The whole piece is fantastic.
Teapot (Nov 17, 2013)
ha ha. Yes, Dorothy, Roytje shares this penchant for dark backgrounds with his fellow countryman, another rather famous portrait painter. Hint. His name starts with 'R'. Portland is at the 45th parallel. Amsterdam is at th 52nd.
Suntan (Nov 19, 2013)
wow, what a compliment..comparison of countrymen, @Teapot. Very wonderful, R. ;)
Teapot (Nov 21, 2013)
I keep coming back for more of this.
Roytje (Nov 22, 2013)
Thank you, thank you. :)
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