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drawn in 20 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
satyr (Dec 8, 2012)
satyr (Dec 8, 2012)
drawn in 20 min
shults (Dec 9, 2012)
Wow. and you probably think this one is even more meaningful.. right?

You probably also claim to be a liberal. pfftt..
lynx3jumper (edited Dec 9, 2012)
oh stop you jerk, this is their style of what they like. not all art is meant for everyone's liking. Usually art is for the artist. You can make art for others all you want but you are then an artist for all the wrong reasons. Art isn't meant for acceptance, art is meant for difference, for the too quite, for those who express their mind through colors, shapes, and space. You don't have to like this art, but that does not give you permission to publicly abuse a piece of art/artist. Also if you haven't noticed this artist is an apprentice, you as an "expert" should show humility and mentor those who are growing their ability shults not showing superiority. Do not flaunt your ascendancy or people will turn away in disgust.
shults (Dec 9, 2012)
You missed just about everything in my comment, so I'm not even going to refer to your stupid remarks here (my superiority, wtf?), simply because they were unrelate.

I actually don't mind the poor quality, and wouldn't bother on it if it wasn't for that conceited concept.
It trashes other people's believes. That's all there was to it.
satyr (Dec 10, 2012)
i dont post this draw to saw you how good drawer i am, i post my believes in this draw,if you like it..........good,if you dont like it i dont care.this is some of my thoughts in a draw.and like lynx3jumper saids........usualy art is for the artist.thanks lynx3jumper.
panah (Dec 10, 2012)
I don't want to jump into anything here, but this art doesn't trash other people's beliefs. satyr isn't trying to force their views on other people or explicitly insult people who believe. They're just expressing their opinion-whatever that may be-on a public website.
shults (edited Dec 10, 2012)
I was extremely annoyed by the sentence "the purpose to all these" with the dollar sign.. It suggests that all believers are stupid for not knowing they're used. I find it offensive, but I guess satyr is entitled to express his opinion, just like I'm entitled to express mine.

Edit- Nice of you to make an account just to make a statement Panah.
Wraith (Mar 16, 2013)
Also, Shults is right about something. He said for satyr to spend a little more time on his drawings instead of putting out lots of 12 min drawings. That IS helping the apprentice. After all, if Shults did not care, he simply would not have said anything.
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