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drawn in 1 hour 51 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
xswirvex (Sep 17, 2012)
xswirvex (Sep 17, 2012)
drawn in 10 min
Flubbles (Sep 19, 2012)
Andrej Pejic?
xswirvex (Sep 19, 2012)
Andy sixx
xswirvex (Feb 21, 2015)
drawn in 34 min
xswirvex (Dec 6, 2017)
drawn in 28 min
xswirvex (Dec 6, 2017)
drawn in 14 min
xswirvex (Dec 6, 2017)
drawn in 11 min
davincipoppalag (Dec 7, 2017)
<waves to xswirvex
elly (Dec 7, 2017)
Very nice line work! Color?
xswirvex (Dec 7, 2017)
@Dav Hey! been awhile.. took me sometime to figure out the firefox esr has to be 32bit and that i had to put the exceptions in both lowercase and uppercase for things to work ;|

@elly thanks :) yeah.. if anyone wants to color it!
davincipoppalag (Dec 7, 2017)
yep glad you got it workin!~
elly (Dec 8, 2017)
Oh, I thought maybe YOU would color it!! ;p
xswirvex (Dec 12, 2017)
drawn in 12 min
elly (Dec 12, 2017)
YES!!! Great color choices!! Ahhhh...I love color :)
pianist (Dec 14, 2017)
this is sweet, I love it.. I also loved version 1
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