forumssite updatesImprovements in collaboration and image display
marcello (Dec 6, 2003)
Added some new features with how users in a collab are displayed. (Note, only users who have actually contributed to a collaboration will be listed.)
Also added a "Loading" bar when you click different revisions on an image.
Knockoff (Dec 6, 2003)
Yes I saw, Its pretty spiffy.
It makes it more easier to see who has been in the collab,. Nice.
Childlike_Vampire (Dec 6, 2003)
Oh, that's very nice. I really like the collab updates, it makes it seem more like it really is a partnership (or group) that way, rather than someone working on someone elses pic. Or something. More professional looking, methinks. Anyways, I like it. lol.
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