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drawn in 18 min with Chibipaint
madscientist111 (Jan 8, 2012)
madscientist111 (Jan 8, 2012)
drawn in 18 min
oneironaut (Jan 8, 2012)
this is gorgeous. well done.
davincipoppalag (Jan 8, 2012)
very pretty work
firecracker (Jan 8, 2012)
This is beautiful!! I love the colors....great draw!! :)
lori (Jan 9, 2012)
"smoooke on the waaater.... fire in the sky" :)
madscientist111 (Jan 9, 2012)
LOL at Lori!
Wraith (Jan 9, 2012)
"Fire in the sky, Can't you see that all my castles are burning!" - Ozzy
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 14, 2012)
nice one, lori!! you know what's weird? i've never noticed the fire in the sky 'cause the birds were the first thing I saw and they were flying and that just made me feel freeeeeeeee... free fallin' :)
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