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drawn in 32 min with Chicken Paint
shoelace (Dec 7, 2011)
"quick" crappy medic while i procrastinate from studying for finals. why simple things like these take me so long, i have no idea.

yeah so i am just a little bit obsessed with team fortress 2.
shoelace (Dec 7, 2011)
drawn in 32 min
Violet_Rose (Dec 7, 2011)
Oh gosh....Same on the finals thing X_X Are finals hard? oOr does everyone just get stressed about it? *first time doing them*....
shoelace (Dec 7, 2011)
no idea, this is my first year in university too. AND I HAVE FIVE OF THEM. D:

not even an ubercharge can protect me from academic failure.
Rudeezy (Dec 7, 2011)
haidee my goodness, you are drawing againnnnn!

why are we all returning around the same time?
shoelace (Dec 7, 2011)
wizards. it's the only possible answer.
xiau (Dec 8, 2011)
We are all wizards.

This is all kinds of cute though! Good luck with your finals~ <:
Godzilla (Dec 9, 2011)
simple & brilliant
Mr_L_V (Dec 13, 2011)
Its so simple but it did caught my eye :D
Haven't play the game but do know the characters from it :)
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