boardsbeginnerRubber fur.
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drawn in 2 hours 11 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Dancing Nancy
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concannon (Dec 1, 2003) — edit

Time, 'cause shi-painter ate the original image and 'cause of dinner and dishes.
concannon (Dec 1, 2003)
drawn in 2 hours 11 min
furyofroy (Dec 1, 2003)
That looks so real! The envy I feel shall spread to the mountains of Tibet and the plains of Kansas. =3
quintessence (Dec 1, 2003)
Shinies defeat all. o___o Eyes cute, too. I'm running of things to say in comments. .__.
eSheep (Dec 1, 2003)
Dat pic looks so cool, it looks so realistic!^_~
tappie_chan (Dec 1, 2003)
this is really cool looking. i love the simplicity and choice of colors. the shodow is also very nice.
Fin_beast (Dec 1, 2003)
That is imense! *eats mustard*
Neko (Dec 2, 2003)
The "rubber fur" really does describe it well. You've done great work with making him look all shiny and smooth. Colouring works great as do shadowing and the shine.

Still can't believe this can be done with a Shi-painter...~
marcello (Dec 3, 2003)
dunno what you're talking about, shi painter and lascaux are way easier to do stuff like this in than paintbbs...
T-wins49 (Dec 3, 2003)
hey thats not begginer work *lol* i want it ....Bwahahaha....*steals kitty* try and stop ME!!! *runs away with kitty*
Mafuyu (Dec 4, 2003)
0.0!! *hugs* *runs without letting go*
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