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lynx3jumper (edited Aug 6, 2011)
I am more and more unsatisfied with this website and the users on here... a young girl was banned just because she was tying to draw and figure out this website and how it works! how awful! that girl couldn't have been older than 12 and she was banned because of the poor attitude of the users on here who think they are so great! I am so mad I think I will go on RMD and stop using 2draw, because at least there are respectable people there!
Flubbles (Aug 6, 2011)
It wasn't like she wasn't warned, I'm pretty sure she just never took any notice of it.
shults (Aug 6, 2011)
Why are there so many users who insist on visiting this site when they clearly enjoy RMD more?
And why do they feel the need to inform us they're "about to leave"?
backmagicwoman (Aug 6, 2011)
I don't know but i'm ''about to leave'' this place..but i'll be back later..just thought you'd wanna know..;)
enjoydotcom (edited Aug 6, 2011)
In case you missed them: Every community has them, so does 2draw.

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