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drawn in 40 min with Lascaux Sketch
Dr.Moony (Feb 8, 2011)
a bit less shit than I expected.
The vagueness sells it. I can't draw straight forward a somewhat realistic face(were talking no ref). I always have to draw a vague mess and then pick out parts which look right. Almost always when I feel like knowing how to draw a certain part going in and making the change often makes it worse. A bit frustrating. Dunno what it would take to work on the details without fucking it up.

I'm currently trying to memorize one portrait of a girl(photo) to have a mental reference. My guess is that it's a bit too friggin hard to actually construct a head three dimensionally, we usually just draw 2d impressions. That's why everybody fails so hilariously when trying to draw a head facing up or down. but it's been pretty depressing so far trying to remember it....yay. It better be worth it
Dr.Moony (Feb 8, 2011)
drawn in 40 min
TheCrimsonKing (edited Feb 8, 2011)
Of course it'll be worth it, are you crazy/stoned?
shults (edited Feb 8, 2011)
I think we have some 3D mental representations, because we can mentally rotate 3D objects, but I think it's hard to store a complicated, facial image in our mind.
Anyways, it doesn't actually explain why we fail to draw faces facing up/down, because photos tend to be 2D.. I think it's hard because our mind is traind to recognize faces with regular orientation.
I also think you may find it interesting to look at a photo of someone and imagine what he looks like from another point of view. As for myself, I'm still learning how to paint someone to look like himself while looking at a photo. :)
Dr.Moony (Feb 9, 2011)
yeah some...but it's very basic and whacky.
What does it matter how hard it is to recognize a face from an odd angle when you have a 3D representation in your mind that you reliably can rotate and use as your reference?
I do that 'draw person from a different angle' thing from time to time. The clash I have with it is that you usually can't really verify your accuracy unless you have a photo of that other angle with the same light. Without checking with reality you'll probably end up learning it wrong which is something I'd like to avoid.
shults (Feb 9, 2011)
Good point, but it's only valid if you see a head from all angles. Only then can you assume to have a 3D representation. Otherwise, (like in photos) you can 'complete' the missing parts in your mind, but there's no guarantee for it to be accurate.
marcello (Feb 10, 2011)
practice practice practice. draw 50 faces a day. you'll get better.
Dr.Moony (Feb 10, 2011)
that's nicely oversimplified.
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