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Maiko (Sep 16, 2010) — edit
I'm back, and packing some extreme heat. (banana)
Maiko (Sep 16, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 12 min
elly (Sep 16, 2010)
Mmmmm love me some nana's! They go great in puddin' too!!!!! Nice draw! *Bow chicka bow wow*
davincipoppalag (Sep 16, 2010)
Hahaha Welcome home Mai.. and your banana too
Maiko (Sep 16, 2010)
It's a gun! :D (I can't draw guns...)
azure15 (Sep 16, 2010)
lmao this is so silly
Flubbles (Sep 16, 2010)
I cant believe he's got his banana hanging out of his zipper.
Maiko (Sep 16, 2010)
*adds breasts* ;_;
vlad.the.hamster (Sep 16, 2010)
woah, welcome back!
Pantera (Sep 17, 2010)
Welcome back :)
enjoydotcom (Sep 17, 2010)
Whoo! Maikoooo! (<easily exited sometimes...). Good to see you here :D.
xiau (Sep 17, 2010)
Maikoooo! It's so exciting to see you here again! ;v;
Please give me your blingin' 2draw chain.
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