boardsbeginnerMahalo, Hawaii!
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drawn in 1 hour 43 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ (May 29, 2010)
Miss_DJ (May 29, 2010)
drawn in 32 min
Miss_DJ (May 29, 2010)
drawn in 54 min
Miss_DJ (May 29, 2010)
drawn in 15 min
madscientist (May 29, 2010)
Lovely and colorful draw! Beautiful!:))
lori (May 30, 2010)
how did you do the top portion of this? I really like that part.
Miss_DJ (May 30, 2010)
That's my favorite part, too, Lori! If we could 'crop' our draws, I would have cropped this one.
It's very hard to explain. I did a sort of tutorial on it one time. I started this draw using only 3 colors, Red, blue and white. I was going to do a Memorial Day tribute type of draw. Then, after playin with those 3 colors awhile in different shape lines and directions, then I used the difference tool, still using the 3 colors. Then, I lessen the opacity and click on Blend w/the difference tool and that starts making more and more lines of different colors. I kind of play around like this until I begin to like the 'paint brush full of paint that I've created on the palette.
Then I start to draw what I want to draw. I click OFF the blend and change the opacity to create different effects. But it takes awhile to really start to see what you said you liked in the top part. You just have to be willing to keep at it until something desirable starts to appear....
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