watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 56 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
teodorika (May 12, 2010)
glass of water
teodorika (May 12, 2010)
drawn in 56 min
i'll finish it later...
Miss_DJ (May 12, 2010)
madscientist (May 12, 2010)
This is wonderful! I need a glass of water now!:))
Suntan (May 12, 2010)
very nice
elly (May 12, 2010)
I thought it was a shot glass and you were looking for a tester =p Very well done!
firecracker (May 13, 2010)
I thought it was a shot glass with some vodka in it.....nice!! :)
elly (May 13, 2010)
Come and join me for one, FC! I'll buy =) It'll go along great with the frozen 'rita's I had at stupid lunch today!!! =)
firecracker (May 14, 2010)
I'd love to join you's been years since since i drank any vodka......I would want to add some orange juice to it though......I don't think I could drink vodka "straight"......"lol"! :)
shell (May 27, 2010)
Vreau sa vad mai multe desene de-ale tale, fie aici, fie pe RMD. Imi place paharul si vad ca nu ti-a luat mult sa-l desenezi :)
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 14, 2012)
I'd say finish doing this glass even though it'll always remain half-full. :D
davincipoppalag (Jan 15, 2012)
good job n this
Cordelia_Pink (Jan 16, 2012)
wooo!! you finished it!! *claps*
Rosie906 (Feb 15, 2012)
Wow... That's quite amazing, realism always astounds me. I'd love to learn how to do it myself.
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