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drawn in 3 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Kloxboy (Apr 1, 2010) — edit
Just because.
Kloxboy (Apr 1, 2010)
drawn in 3 min
Luniki (Apr 1, 2010)
haha u tricked 2draw!
Kloxboy (Apr 1, 2010)
@Luniki Totally. I drew it and then I was all "Take that 2draw!" And then I laughed... Then I cried for 40 minutes... BUT then I laughed again and it was ok.
Dr.Moony (Apr 1, 2010)
xoןʞ ǝuo ǝɔıu
davincipoppalag (Apr 1, 2010)
Now I wanna know how doc can go upside down
shults (Apr 1, 2010)
˙ɔıƃɐɯ s,ʇı
lovemeso (Apr 1, 2010)
cool lol
Wraith (edited Aug 13, 2010)
Everything my art teacher was trying to teach me in highschool, is within you Klox. Even pictures that u make in 3-20 min look so good in the thumbnails. With me, sometimes my left brain (Edit* what I meant was my Right side of brain) kicks in, most of the time it's in standby. Don't know why that is.. Maybe the drugs I did in the past ruined my left brain(Edit* Again, I meant Right side of brain) somewhat. This is a cool 3 min upside down picture!
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