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drawn in 31 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ (Feb 4, 2010)
this was fun...
Miss_DJ (Feb 4, 2010)
drawn in 31 min
move to beginner if thou wisheth
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Feb 4, 2010)
Not that my humble lowly opinion mattereth much (or matters mucheth? lol), but I think tis perfect for the board it presently graces. (not that it matters where it is, except that stuff gets buried so quickly on the beginner board) I've always liked the style you have when you do this sort of thing... like it doesn't "have" to be a certain thing... I can use my imagination. I see a rock bluff with a cave and the reflection of a window from a house at the top.
Axil62 (Feb 4, 2010)
You are the Queen of the this stuff. I really like it. Industrial look with a splash of warmth for balance and interest.
Miss_DJ (Feb 4, 2010)
well, wow...nice of you both to say! Cindy where in the world have you been! Sure love to 'see' you when you pop in now and then! huge hugs xxxxxxxxx (and for Axil, too..) xxxxxxxxx
I sure enjoy being good at something around here.. :o)
vlad.the.hamster (Feb 4, 2010)
You have THE coolest textures. :) So much possibility.
bette_davis_eyes (Feb 4, 2010)
don't know how you do it, but keep doing it! it pleases my eyes :)
firecracker (Feb 4, 2010)
I really like this style of yours.....this is really does look like some sort of machinery...I luv the textures you use!! :)
lori (Feb 5, 2010)
parts of this kind of reminds me of taking a dry sponge with paint and dabbing it on a canvas.. it's totally cool
Suntan (Feb 5, 2010)
I thought industrial when I saw this, too. Very cool work, DJ, great stuff. :)
davincipoppalag (Feb 5, 2010)
thats what it looks like to me too and the colors are really pleasing too
Miss_DJ (edited Feb 5, 2010)
thank you so much! I haven't drawn with a mouse in awhile, so this was fun! Firecracker, I didn't use any textures. I created them. thanks! ♥
Aakyra (Feb 5, 2010)
Excellent work Miss DJ! Fantastic texture, great palette, unusual !
Alter.Native (Feb 5, 2010)
Wonderful color scheme and textures..
Miss_DJ (Feb 5, 2010)
It sure is nice of all of you to stop by! Thanks so much!
lori (Feb 5, 2010)
it was nice of YOU to stop by :)
Miss_DJ (Feb 5, 2010)
lori, you're a sweetie and you're funny as well as TALENTED!! ♥
lori (Feb 5, 2010)
aw thanks <3
madscientist (Feb 14, 2010)
Your use of textures is quite amazing! Beautifully done!
Miss_DJ (Feb 14, 2010)
thank you, madscientist. Any textures you see are was magic! ;o) ♥
mursku (Feb 15, 2010)
cool textures... now only if you didn't do abstract art, i would give you thumbs up.. i hate abstract art, like, grrrr!

Miss_DJ (Feb 15, 2010)
Thanks, mursku..I'll have to try something new! You gave me an idea!....♥
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