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drawn in 58 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
lori (Jan 29, 2010)
used another reference but got lazy
lori (Jan 29, 2010)
drawn in 58 min
Suntan (Jan 29, 2010)
How sweet is that. Cold hands, warm heart. :)
firecracker (Jan 29, 2010)
"Brrrrr" looks so cold.....nice draw!! :)
lori (Jan 29, 2010)
here is the ref. pic which I love... I knew I wouldn't be able to draw it though:
davincipoppalag (Jan 29, 2010)
well it was heart to draw :0)
elly (Jan 29, 2010)
I love the colors you used and the subject, of course =) I would love to draw something like this!
Miss_DJ (Jan 29, 2010)
lori, I like this very much! Hands are so hard to draw! You did nice job on the colors, lines and shading.
Aakyra (Jan 29, 2010)
This is so beautiful Lori! Wonderful work and touching!
lori (Jan 30, 2010)
yeah they really are tough to draw DJ... thanks! thanks everyone
Broken_Heart_ (Jan 30, 2010)
That s really nice...
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