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drawn in 22 min with PaintBBS
Kebo (Jan 6, 2010)
First time doing oekaki. Drawing directly on a tablet is hard :( its like drawing telepathically or something..
Kebo (Jan 6, 2010)
drawn in 22 min
theusualsteve (Jan 7, 2010)
This is really nice tho! It is hard at first, but once your hand understands what it's doing while you study the screen, it becomes like second nature! Regardless, this is a very good draw. When you see it's miniature thumbnail, it looks like a nice clean drawing of mario, and when when you go to it, it gets scribbly looking, but still good. Good job, young Kebo.
Roytje (Jan 7, 2010)
I see potential. Keep practising :)
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