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anpi (Nov 27, 2009)
Hey just want to ask you what you've learned recently about painting or what you currently are attempting to learn.
Just having those paintings without a story behind them makes it hard for me to get excited for them...and appreciate the afford.

I feel like I sometimes lose track of my goals and just paint mindless stuff although I want to progress. I'm in a phase where I don't feel like being able to go crazy with what I can do, but rather focusing on learning a few new skills. Skills which others maybe don't have.
To ultimately create stuff which is new and interesting.
I hate it when I paint a lot of pictures and none of them bare any relevance. No story to lesson learned.

So what have I learned recently and am attempting to learn?
My current goal is being able to draw without any attention to the detail but creating basically the same visual impression as in my references(blurred/scaled down/from a distance).
So naturally I started to draw pictures with bold strokes which don't allow any detail to sip through. It is really tempting to use a smaller brush. But that way I would only create the same visual impression via a partial/complete replication of details. Using a big brush shows how vulnerable I am. Shows me my lack of skill/control/understanding. Maybe that's what I've learned. Currently I feel like my choices of color are pretty random. I'm never really sure. Yet I often tend to make myself believe I actually know what I am doing. It's nice to know my weaknesses because maybe then I'm able to ask the right questions.

I feel like I should start with just one or very few colorvalues for my paintings(as in 2x2 pixel) and add a few more restrictions(color range?) to make it easier for me to amass some actual skill.
You practice piano by starting with simple songs. So what would be the equivalent in my case? I need to simplify things more because it's hard for me.
Axil62 (Nov 28, 2009)
I like pancakes!
Flubbles (Nov 28, 2009)
I like my pancakes with just a little sugar and lemon on.
backmagicwoman (Nov 28, 2009)
I like mine with blueberries and some homemade maple syrup..
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