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drawn in 29 min with Chicken Paint
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Maiko (Sep 25, 2009) — edit
Just a quick doodle.

Not too fond of Chibipaint :[

hi everyone.
Maiko (Sep 25, 2009)
drawn in 29 min
enjoydotcom (Sep 25, 2009)
Hello Maiko! *insert doofus wave here*

SamiJ1000 (Sep 25, 2009)
really? I think chibi is the best! (smoothing tool)
even photoshop doesn't have a smoothing line tool! >:(
kupocoffee (Sep 25, 2009)
Totally adorable!
firecracker (Sep 25, 2009)
Very cute pic!! :)
Noremac (Oct 1, 2009)
I came back from the dead, just to comment on how awesome this is.
enjoydotcom (Oct 1, 2009)
You should stay alive.
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