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drawn in 56 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ (Jul 7, 2009)
Miss_DJ (Jul 7, 2009)
drawn in 56 min
QTgillie (Jul 7, 2009)
how lovely
firecracker (Jul 7, 2009)
Very pretty tree.....:)
vlad.the.hamster (Jul 7, 2009)
this is so beautiful.
davincipoppalag (Jul 8, 2009)
pretty tree miss donna
elly (Jul 8, 2009)
Ummm..I'm not so sure I see a tree...I see a pretty, slim, tall vase with hydrangea's in it! =)
catfish (Jul 8, 2009)
very pretty
Miss_DJ (Jul 8, 2009)
Thank you all so much! Elly, I see what you see now, even though that's not what I intended. But, thank you, just the same!!
Aubrey (Jul 12, 2009)
Ahhh I thought it was a tree also! Is pretty no matter what it is.
Miss_DJ (Jul 15, 2009)
thanks very much, Aubrey!
riccir (Jul 19, 2009)
i see a crystal vase with a beautiful bucket of flowers...gorgeous gorgeous!
Miss_DJ (Jul 19, 2009)
Thank you riccir!
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