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drawn in 21 min with Lascaux Sketch
titanium_rabbit (Jun 8, 2009)
titanium_rabbit (Jun 8, 2009)
drawn in 21 min
enjoydotcom (edited Jun 8, 2009)
Really sucks.
SamiJ1000 (edited Jun 8, 2009)
Sucks. Please do some real art.
Black_Bird (edited Jun 9, 2009)
HiroDaZero (Jun 9, 2009)
We have a new troll on this site? Where's Axil? :P
SPfan-96 (Jun 9, 2009)
you sucks yourself to jackass
Maiko (Jun 9, 2009)
woah, what is this crap? :o
arvelous (Jun 9, 2009)
What!? it's graffiti style bubble art. how can you say it sucks?
Black_Bird (Jun 9, 2009)
It's a very bad example of it.

Lettering is inconsistent in shape, style and spacing.
backmagicwoman (Jun 9, 2009)
Don't be sucks the high hard one...I'm tired of pussying around with this little us all a favor TR....get lost and don't come back you spineless little prick....
davincipoppalag (Jun 9, 2009)
dontchoo mess with the BMW lol
enjoydotcom (Jun 9, 2009)
BMW, Arvelous only opened an account to give a comment on this particular drawing. I find that highly suspicious. Arvelous and Titty Rabbit=one person.

I know for a fact that owners from websites can look into who's IP address was used to make an account, wish Marcello did this.
backmagicwoman (Jun 9, 2009)
Dave..your'e a
Yeah now that you menton it enjoy it is a little suspicious....and that one picture they did with the gun makes me very upset...Yeah I wish marcello would look into it..we don't need this kind of stuff here because normally this is a pretty calm board..I think everyone would agree w'ed like to keep it that way...even though I'm a big potty I do enjoy the peacefulness here...
enjoydotcom (Jun 9, 2009)
Potty mouths are fun, when they do not display a diarrhea of racism or just blatant ignorance. I for one am the last person to deny I never was mean to newbies on the wrong board. But there is such a thing as taking it too far.

If given a choice, I prefer seeing a piccy of the umpteenth 'kawaii..." girly boy with overly big eyes than reading comments like titty flabber used or this and the other drawing He or she (in future be referred to as 'it'), did.

It has already gotten more attention than it deserves, trolls usually feed on this. We should pull the IV and let it die a quiet death.
kalisthf22 (Jun 9, 2009)
um....more effort?
SaiWataki (Jun 9, 2009)
Looking at this made me literally barf my ass off!
cyclops (Jun 9, 2009)
"barf my ass off"....that must be uncomfortable.
SaiWataki (Jun 9, 2009)
It was, never eat, and look at crap like this >.< EVER IN YOUR LIFE!!!
Nekoampy (Jun 11, 2009)
Way to gang up on someone probably between the ages 15 and 25. Although I don't agree with what he is saying, I don't agree in this kind of retaliation. Plus, he is either laughing his ass off at this or doesn't care. It would be best if we acted like adults or teenagers who act like adults by not acknowledging his existence on the website.
DoOp (edited Jun 11, 2009)
Mmmm But Drama is SO fun Neko ;) haha I'm just kidding. IT has been kind of quiet on 2draw. Despite some people just abusing the boards, but that happens so frequently. A horrendously rude commenter comes only once every three months :3 why not embrace and enjoy their stay?

:E Good times for being offtopic. I'm enjoying the letter 'm'.
enjoydotcom (Jun 11, 2009)
The issue with this troll is that it left rude comments on drawings, stating that they should do some real art, when dared, it came up with this. Can't say this is art, the style usually can be good though.

Plus it drew an offensive drawing, with ditto title.
DoOp (Jun 11, 2009)
Its true. Rabbit was being selectively rude, to all anime styles. D: Which I found quite nasty T__T I think that all of us piling on Rabbit makes 2draw an awesome community =] -I'm super tired, sorry for rambling-
backmagicwoman (Jun 11, 2009)
I was just taking up for my fellow 2draw members when someone came insulting everyone...and guess what?..I'll do it there you go...
enjoydotcom (Jun 11, 2009)
The issue with this troll is that it left rude comments on drawings, stating that they should do some real art, when dared, it came up with this. Can't say this is art, the style usually can be good though.

Plus it drew an offensive drawing, with ditto title.
cookie913 (Jun 20, 2009)
okay, I'm not defending him or anything... but have any of you actually taken the time to ask him why he was even on this site?

I asked him, and he told me that he put the negative comments to try to get people to put some real effort into some of their work. (I know I've seen tons of people draw things and not put effort into it - me included.) He believes that he is helping.

Now, instead of ganging up on him and telling him how much his artwork sucks ass
why can't we just try to teach him what constructive critisism really is, or as Neko said, just ignore him?

It was just a thought, :)
SamiJ1000 (Jun 20, 2009)
If he was just insulting poor art, I would just ignore it. But he is ONLY insulting anime.
He called me an anime fag for no fucking reason! Thats why I quote "If you insult me or my art, I will hate you!" He insulted both for no reason. >:(
SaiWataki (Jun 20, 2009)
Thats right, and he insulted my art which I put extensive amount of my TIME and EFFORT into making.
Insulting mine or DoOp's art is not tolorated, we are good at what we do :(
enjoydotcom (Jun 20, 2009)
Cookie, he only insulted anime, REGARDLESS the amount of effort or time put into it. Look at the comments he left and where he commented on. You'll see he singled out Anime. When dared to draw something and put his money where his mouth is, he drew this shit and a crappy gun with the title "Jew-killer".

He's a troll, making excuses for himself.
cookie913 (Jun 21, 2009)
I see. There still is the option of just ignoring him though...
I mean the only reason he does this is because he gets a reaction
if no one reacts, then its not fun anymore.
Bubblicious (Jun 21, 2009)
I wonder how I've never seen this person before. :/ Or this conversation. I say ignore him, it's more than he deserves if he is singling out Anime. I mean sure, not everyone on this board is a fan of it, but most ignore the pictures or styles they don't like, unless they put huge amounts of effort into the picture and the comment is well deserved, good or bad. So he could have done the same. Just saying.
enjoydotcom (Jun 21, 2009)
Sometimes it is fun to lash out if someone deserves it. He deserved it.
Bubblicious (Jun 21, 2009)
Yes, I'm sure. :)
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