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marcello (edited Apr 9, 2002)
It has now the fifth day since 2draw opened, and we've already over 7,000 page views! Not to mention over 1,500 unique hits. A couple days ago, I added an external hit counter which only counts front page hits. So you may want to check that out.
Many little bugs have been fixed, but I'm sure you want to hear about the new features added to the site.

First off, as you might have seen on the side bar, there is now a WAP version of the site! If you want to try it out, download an emulator such as Deck-It (there are better ones, but they're generally 10mb+), and just punch in If anyone actually tries the site on a real cell phone, let me know!

Next up we have Themes and Schemes! The new theme settings page will not only let you choose a theme (similar to skins), but each theme has its own settings. On the default theme you can choose different color schemes, and keep watching for new themes/schemes/options in the future!
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