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drawn in 1 hour 46 min with Lascaux Sketch
tscott (Mar 4, 2009)
tscott (Mar 4, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 46 min
Flubbles (Mar 4, 2009)
You think your funny, but in reality your a big giant gaping wide sweaty asshole that can barely string a sentence together.Call me a pussy again i'll break in your house and shit on your pillow, you'll have red eye for a month.
Elementalist (Mar 4, 2009)
Wut... did I miss?
Flubbles (Mar 4, 2009)
He drew a horse that looked like a sheep, and got pissy when i pointed it out.
tscott (edited Mar 4, 2009)
who the fuck do you think your threatening you fuckin sack of mummys boy live at home dick head 'iv'e seen your profile pic' break in my house hey fuck head! ill' rip your fuckin nose off and make you eat it' ok!shit on my pillow would ya! ya dirty bastard!my pitt bull did that once'he never did it again'get me! red eye ain't that a drink'oh you mean black eye if i did'nt know better i'd say you were threatening me!lol baaaa!
firecracker (Mar 4, 2009)
"Now now children....let's not fight"!! "LOL"!!! :P
Flubbles (edited Mar 4, 2009)
That pics old at sketchfu, ive not got homo hair anymore! its short and messy and im a mean fighting machine, i'll beat you to a bloody pulp and when im finished i'll slap my dick on your forehead just to humiliate you.
tscott (edited Mar 5, 2009)
how old are ya kid' grow up ya sound pathetic'I ain't no mean machine just mean!when I think Someone threatens me especially as my kids would be in the house!so i'd have a serious think AS TO WHAT YOUR IMPLYING AND SAYING AND THREATENING' oh ya had homo hair'never knew it had a name'no wonder ya shaved it off' I shave mine cause the girlfriend likes it' as for slapping ya cock in my face to ! make sure its not me chin ' the stubble might tear ya bell ! somehow a don't think so' mean lean fighting machine'lol
davincipoppalag (Mar 4, 2009)
On the other hand..this is a cool drawing tony
Miss_DJ (Mar 4, 2009)
oh my gosh...too bad we don't have an applet for an online drawing ring to have fighting matches....hope no sweet little kiddies are reading either of your words.
tscott (edited Mar 5, 2009)
remember who came to who's site and started coming the wanabee hard man with his threats'like a say if ya got nothing nice to say say fuck all 'like I DO' thanks dave for your nice comment'think iv'e been through this movie be fore' kids are in bed miss dj' school in the morning'lol well before he decided to gob it off !
Flubbles (edited Mar 4, 2009)
Im just kidding around, dont get your panties in a twist toe-knee! toe, knee get it? "chortles" your such a poopie head.
cyclops (Mar 4, 2009)
negative energy
Miss_DJ (edited Mar 4, 2009)
well, kids come on this site all different times of the day. Let's just try to tactfully keep the bs to a minimum if we can. Maybe you and da Flub can go duke it out memo to memo, eh? Just an option where children don't have to unwittingly stumble upon brash profanity to learn how not to be.

and on second'd probably be pretty nasty if someone threatened me.....or I felt they were.
tscott (Mar 4, 2009)
only kidding around was ya'flubly dubly' don't get your nickers in a twist! ..get it??
Ive got a solution for you . dont come to my site , i dont come to yours .. i have no interest in you or your work and least of all the rubbish you write on my site.. So get over it !
DMV (Mar 4, 2009)
getting back to the drawing...nice one tscott :)
Funny twist to your title TS . It's 294 days till Christmas
lori (Mar 5, 2009)
you have some neat ideas on what to draw often times tscott, so bravo... as for your words up there with the flubs, I have to admit, some of them almost made me fall off my seat laughing
tscott (Mar 5, 2009)
ya got a great sense of humour then lori 'lol not bad for man that can't string a sentence together hey' used to all this 'kicks of at me local every other night' thats when its not kicking of at me front door'lol
lori (Mar 5, 2009)
sometimes my sense of humor is strange
flubbles is being a flaming pencildick
davincipoppalag (Mar 5, 2009)
Hahah "pencildick" great term
tscott (edited Mar 5, 2009)
its the I ain't got homo hair'that cracks me up'lmao'
Flubbles (edited Mar 5, 2009)
I was just trying to inject some life in the site, there's more action in a nuns gusset than in this site lately.Its picked up a bit in the last few days though, so i'll behave.I know how tony loves a fight so i thought i'd entertain myself, he did start it by calling me a pussy on another draw dont forget.
tscott (Aug 7, 2018)
never did like him'looking back but a great artist i must admit
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