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drawn in 10 hours 58 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Feb 8, 2009)
elly (Feb 8, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 1 min
elly (Feb 9, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 20 min
elly (Feb 9, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 48 min
elly (Feb 9, 2009)
drawn in 2 hours 37 min
elly (Feb 10, 2009)
drawn in 3 hours 34 min
elly (Feb 10, 2009)
drawn in 35 min
davincipoppalag (Feb 10, 2009)
Just beautiful Elly
elly (Feb 10, 2009)
tanks, ((dave))
Suntan (edited Feb 10, 2009)
Obvious talent, you painted it beautifully, elly. :)
jpjp1052 (Feb 10, 2009)
Beautiful drawing. Great job on the details and everything else.
firecracker (Feb 10, 2009)
This rose is perfection!! Beautiful draw Elly!! :)
gel_o (Feb 10, 2009)
Perfectly beautiful elly! I grow roses in my yard and I especially love the bi-color flowers like the one you have drawn. Great job!
Pantera (Feb 10, 2009)
I love yellow roses but this one is also beautiful, showcase piece :)
LaVieEnRose (Feb 11, 2009)
so beautiful and delicated...
elly (Feb 11, 2009)
Thank you kindly, everyone.
Come to think of, Pantera..I haven't done a yellow rose. My mother's favorite color flower (any flower) was always yellow.
I'll have to put this in my agenda...
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