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Kloxboy (edited Dec 11, 2008)
Contest Week 89: The Rockwell Children

Draw yourself when you were a child (anytime before you were 13 years old), in Norman Rockwell's painting style. You do not have to post a photo reference but I highly suggest you use one. This is not a realism contest, the goal is to make your piece resemble Rockwell's painting style. Do not copy a Rockwell painting and add your face to it, that's not painting in Rockwell's style, that's just copying.

Who was Norman Rockwell? Here's a little help but you have to do the rest: Rockwell Google

And thanks to Lori for the idea. :)

Contest "Week 89" will be open for entries as of 12/02 to 12/10 11:59 PST


Creativity: The amount of imagination, originality and expressiveness that was put into the entry.
Technique & Effort: The amount of style, skill and craft that was put into the entry.
Following the theme: How well the entry followed the theme of the contest.

Please memo Kloxboy if you have any questions or comments about the Contest Board.

For more information about the 2Draw Contest Board and a record of past contest winners, please look at the 2Draw Contest Board Welcome Page

Rather than judge this contest, I'm just going to leave a comment on each entry. Thank you 2 for entering.

Baby Me
Laura and Mary, Rockwell style
enjoydotcom (Dec 2, 2008)
Oh yippy, I hope I can find the inspiration to draw. I love trying to recreate a classic style.
Axil62 (Dec 2, 2008)
Excellent contest idea, Clox. I really hope a lot of people enter this one. Just try, you guys. Norman Rockwell blows my mind. It's a bit intimidating to even attempt.
Kloxboy (Dec 2, 2008)
Thanks Dan and I hope people enter too, I know I would. Drawing people as kids was actually Lori's idea, I should give her a shout out for that. I added the Rockwell part and I think it fits the season. :)

Joyce: Totally, I hope you do.
Flubbles (edited Dec 2, 2008)
I did a drawing at an other site once i thought turned out a bit norman rockwell'ish, i dont know if a simular drawing would count! obviously it would be me without the pigtails :p bobbins I think ill add some of my drawings i did at other sites to deviant later, so far ive just added some from here.
lori (Dec 2, 2008)
I adore Norman Rockwell's paintings, I went to a Norman Rockwell museum and was blown away. I would think his style would be difficult to pull off digitally.
Kloxboy (Dec 2, 2008)
Flubbles: That's cute and yes, it sort of has a Rockwell like quality to it. Your style in general has an illustrative feel to it, you should enter this contest, I bet your entry would look awesome.
Flubbles (Dec 2, 2008)
I might give it a go,even though im not in normans league, im not even good enough to polish his shoes.
Kloxboy (Dec 8, 2008)
Does anyone intend to enter this contest? Does anyone have an entry in the works? I only see one so far. Please let me know, thanks.
bette_davis_eyes (edited Dec 8, 2008)
I did try clox, but ended up deleting it .. his style is way harder to imitate than I ever imagined.. sorry but I'm sitting this one out.
davincipoppalag (Dec 9, 2008)
Im afraid this one is out of my capability
lori (Dec 9, 2008)
I tried but decided I can't do it either
enjoydotcom (Dec 9, 2008)
I have one in progress .... it is a difficult one, but so far I'm okay with my result. For once I planned on posting it when I was almost finished.
Kloxboy (Dec 9, 2008)
Joyce: I'll extend the deadline if you like, I would rather judge the finished product. You might be up against just one other person though.
enjoydotcom (edited Dec 9, 2008)
Oh, I have the day off tomorrow, heck I already have weekend. So quite some time to finish it. It would be a shame of thes cool contest Qty and I are the only ones who participated.
lori (Dec 10, 2008)
It was the Rockwell part of this that made me give up. If we could've used any style, I probably would've done it. I have no idea how to get a Rockwell feel into my art.
davincipoppalag (Dec 10, 2008)
I don't do people well anyway, and to add the Rockwell touch was well beyond anything I could pull off
Flubbles (edited Dec 10, 2008)
I'll do one , but ive not found a ref i like yet.Ive got another couple of albums to look through , surely there will be a ref i like in there.Ill not get it done in time for the competition though, ill just set it as a personal challenge for myself some time next week...maybe.
Kloxboy (Dec 11, 2008)
Updated. While this contest wasn't too successful, thanks to those of you who entered.

Flubbles: Do it!
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