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Common Tater
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Rashinal (Nov 1, 2008)
Okay, i was just playing around with stuff, but for some weird reason i added 14 layers. lol.
If anybody wants to help ''fill in'' those layers, just tell me and I'll add you. ;}
Rashinal (Nov 1, 2008)
drawn in 18 min
I didnt really make what i wanted to but oh well.
Rashinal (Nov 1, 2008)
drawn in 3 min
Idk, sparklies i guess
davincipoppalag (Nov 1, 2008)
THis is a good looking logo!
Rashinal (Nov 1, 2008)
Thanks :)
davincipoppalag (Jan 21, 2013)
drawn in 56 sec
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