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xswirvex and Mr_L_V (Dec 11, 2011)
anyone wanna color?
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Mr_L_V (Dec 20, 2011)
Thanks guys :) I'm getting tier of seeing this kind of bs around D:( I'll ask who is doing this? because its just plain nonsense to add this type of comments with nonsense info D:(
Wraith (Dec 21, 2011)
It's just little kids hoping to flood your brain with stuff. So come Christmas time, your sub conscience may remember some of this and purchase it. Bunch of BS.
Mr_L_V (Dec 24, 2011)
Hehe thanks my friend :) I'm glad that everyone liked the collaboration, had fun working on it :D
Teapot (Dec 24, 2011)
yep, this turned out great!
drawn in 1 hour 52 min with Chicken Paint
rathian619 and xswirvex (Apr 22, 2011)
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xswirvex (Apr 22, 2011)
il color him :D
xswirvex (edited Apr 25, 2011)
drawn in 1 hour 9 min
il finish coloring when im done watching this movie >_>

-edit- done.
rathian619 (Apr 24, 2011)
omg you make it so freaking awsome XD
Kayo (May 21, 2011)
very nice ^^
drawn in 2 hours 45 min with Chicken Paint
hollowayj88 and xswirvex (Jul 14, 2010)
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hollowayj88 (Jul 18, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 20 min
I am finish drawing this pic. let me know if somebody wants to color it.
Bubblicious (Jul 18, 2010)
You know I've always loved Harley, if thats her name, I cant remember. But she and Ivy were my favorites.
xswirvex (Aug 11, 2010)
il color it
hollowayj88 (Aug 11, 2010)
xswirvex, go ahead and color it, i want to see how it will turn out.
drawn in 4 hours 8 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
xswirvex and assha-rei (Sep 28, 2009)
for my friend Vee <3
anyone wanna color him? =3
9 comments – latest 4:
firecracker (Sep 30, 2009)
Sorry.....I didn't see the earlier dingbat. :P
xswirvex (Oct 1, 2009)
i dont mind how she colored him.
but yes it was supposed to be a sheer top
how i planned to color him was silver hair,sheer black top etc
but she made him pretty this way too
gj Rei :)
assha-rei (Oct 1, 2009)
oh, i had figured that if it was see-through, then it would've had a tad bit more underlying body structure. my bad :c
instead i had just used them as guidelines for body structure/angle. not that you can even tell :l

thanks, Swirve! i hope Vee likes the pic (:
Nitsen (Oct 6, 2009)
Hwaahhh Which program did you use? Looks nice ther'!
drawn in 4 hours 1 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
xswirvex and Flubbles (Sep 9, 2009)
42 comments – latest 4:
iulia_elena (Sep 27, 2009)
beautiful eyes and the nails too!!!
Flubbles (Sep 27, 2009)
Yea, you wanna check out my cardboard box though.
four (edited Aug 13, 2010)
backmagicwoman (Oct 26, 2009)
Flubbles and xswirvex can draw better than you on your best day...
drawn in 10 hours 34 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
xswirvex and Flubbles (Aug 18, 2009)
My Doggy.
(Flubz is a collab hog lol)
20 comments – latest 4:
Flubbles (Sep 6, 2009)
My uncles got two retired greyhounds, there both pretty chilled out and well behaved, until they see something resembling a hare then they have to chase after it.
backmagicwoman (Sep 6, 2009)
That's funny..i don't know..I just prefer cats...except when they take a crap when yer trying to relax and enjoy the computer and the smell hits you...
fleeting_memory (Sep 7, 2009)
Adorable! I also prefer cats but I do love dogs.
Flubbles (Feb 15, 2010)
drawn in 10 hours 11 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Advanced 
46 comments – latest 4:
Flubbles (Sep 19, 2009)
I bet my bottom dollar she still wets the bed.
Axil62 (Sep 19, 2009)
wets the bed? I bet she still shits her pants.
backmagicwoman (Sep 19, 2009)
I still do bothof those things..big deal...and i'm 37..
shell (Mar 9, 2010)
nice angle
drawn in 9 hours 56 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
xswirvex and Flubbles (Aug 13, 2009)
40 comments – latest 4:
Flubbles (Sep 9, 2009)
Yea, i think who ever drew this should feel hard done by not get such a great drawing in the showcase.
backmagicwoman (Sep 9, 2009)
I guess they didn't know the right people...
Flubbles (Feb 22, 2010)
Check this out bitches.
shell (Apr 2, 2010)
cool textures
drawn in 8 hours 46 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Advanced 
xswirvex and Flubbles (Nov 24, 2008)
basically all done by flubbz.. he rocked it XP
17 comments – latest 4:
Flubbles (Jan 22, 2009)
She asked me to give her a pearl necklace...was that joke a little to obscene, i dont know! Oh well :p
montezmaria (Jan 23, 2009)
Love it! The lighting in this is really cool looking and I love the color you used here.
nela_alen (Jan 24, 2009)
beautiful pearls!
Madyna (Feb 13, 2009)
drawn in 7 hours 45 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Flubbles and xswirvex (Dec 18, 2008)
36 comments – latest 4:
enirroc (Apr 8, 2010)
You should probably pat yourself on the back then, your dumper could be a work of art.
Flubbles (Mar 3, 2012)
The old turd.
Wraith (Mar 3, 2012)
You sure are proud of this Piece aren't ya?

I have to say it is very realistic.
Flubbles (Mar 3, 2012)
I wish you could zoom out to 75%, then it would be to scale.
drawn in 2 hours 49 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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