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Bubblicious and vlad.the.hamster (Jul 31, 2010)
I'm fixing to go to bed, but I wanted to put this up for Vladdy because she's leaving soon. Do whatever you want with it, change it, add to it, I don't care. I'll work with it, lol.
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Bubblicious (Aug 5, 2010)
Hey no worries! We can work on it when you get back. I'll do a bit, but I wont finish it completely so you can still work on it.

And my mom plays bejeweled too xD
vlad.the.hamster (Sep 17, 2010)
you alive, mate?
Bubblicious (Sep 18, 2010)
Yeah. Just been busy, and my muses have left me for the moment. I'm fixing to work on it soon though. More than 12 minutes this time, too haha.
Bubblicious (Sep 18, 2010)
drawn in 19 min
Hope I didn't screw anything up. Man I cannot draw anymore, its been so blah... sorry about that, vladdie.
drawn in 1 hour 9 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
SPfan-96, SamiJ1000, and vlad.the.hamster (May 31, 2009)
anyone who want to colour????
11 comments – latest 4:
Miss_DJ (Jun 7, 2009)
lovely so far!
titanium_rabbit (Jun 7, 2009)
looks like shit.
Black_Bird (Jun 7, 2009)
Instead of insulting the work titanium_rabbit, how about use a little more tact and give some criticism instead.
PINKRABBIT (Jun 9, 2009)
titanium, stop talking about how bad other peoples art work is and look at your own. :/
drawn in 2 hours 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Bubblicious, SPfan-96, Daetsni, SamiJ1000, Frd, and more... (Jun 18, 2009)
All right fellow Anime fans! Let's fill this entire page up with our fave Anime characters, in Chibi form! If you want to join, just ask, and I'll add you~!

If you guys need me to unlock the image, tell me, cuz I wont know i you don't tell me. o.o
54 comments – latest 4:
Bubblicious (Jun 25, 2009)
That's cute!! :)
CookieMonster (Jul 8, 2009)
oh mah goodness......can i draw taiga from toradora plzzzz???? :3
Bubblicious (Jul 8, 2009)
You have been added :)
Bubblicious (Jul 10, 2009)
Haha, that's cute Cookie :)
drawn in 6 hours 23 min with Chicken Paint
vlad.the.hamster and camadeon (Jan 19, 2008)
came out as an accident... if you want to finish it... go ahead and ask.
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vlad.the.hamster (Jan 29, 2008)
drawn in 31 min
bahbahbah... *being emo*
Cameo (Sep 1, 2008)
xsi639 (Jun 22, 2009)
thw first saves he looks like Alucard(hellsing)...but camadeon made him look like vincent FF^__^...GOOD WORK!!
Userseef (Jul 31, 2009)
Fantastic. And nice mix of colors. And moreover, I like this character.
drawn in 2 hours 33 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic