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top ten favorite movies:
1:Taladega Nights the ballad of ricky bobby
2:8 crazy nights
3:South Park bigger longer and uncut
4:halo movie (isn't out but ive read the script)
5:team america world police
6:The Matrix saga
7:LOTR saga
8:SAW 1+2
9:Stewie griffon the untold story
10:Space Balls
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thumbnail :O is that navi i spy in the background
Aug 25, 2006
thumbnail lol i have a lot of experience with guns
Aug 9, 2006
thumbnail XD well yes actually i have been on a couple of hunting trips and i go to shooting ranges so yes you...
Aug 9, 2006
thumbnail D: i know im scared too but anyhoo i might do a thing or two in the future i suppose
Aug 8, 2006
thumbnail how is this "super funny"?
Feb 6, 2006
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