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Location: ummm... at my sucky comp
Date of Birth: January 31st, 1990 (32)
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ummm... not much to say... dont read my user name in a mirrior, u will regret it
dont blame me if my user name disturbs u, i told u not to read it in a mirrior
i dont really draw well, but im trying to learn, so dont hate me for doing sucky drawings
cant think of anything else to put here so...
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thumbnail hey... it does look like you, in a weird way. gj. the hair is too solid of one tone to b ur hairm bu...
Feb 11, 2005
thumbnail u said w00t... shadowkitten iz a bad influence. weeeeeeeee halloween!!! that wuz fun... well cept 4 ...
Nov 6, 2004
thumbnail she has a nose, its just really hard to see. the skirt seems less shaded than the rest, look a littl...
Oct 28, 2004
thumbnail i wanna see u draw summin other than a dragon... not that ur bad at dragons... its just i like varia...
Sep 12, 2004
thumbnail I need to decide how it will be being sacrificed
ideas r; knife, and burned at the stake.
please p...
Sep 11, 2004
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