usersjus call me barbie...everyone else does ^.~
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well im back... same shit different day.
that is all

*muah* ^.~
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thumbnail *jumps up and down* Congrats! this pic is so nice u did the metal look wonderfully
Sep 26, 2006
thumbnail i always obsess about the flaws in my art i guess its a bad habit of mine ^ ^
i love drawing wing...
Sep 18, 2006
thumbnail this is really good so far i gotta say i love how the line-art is green instead of black
Sep 16, 2006
thumbnail i wish there were actual go-karts like that...they'd be so cute ^ ^ i'm like 5'8" now so i have the...
Sep 12, 2006
thumbnail its a mermaid ^o^ .... do i get a prize ??

Sep 12, 2006
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