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Date of Birth: August 27th, 1989 (30)
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Well, I love to draw my own characters, as well as fanart. I enjoy playing video games and I have a keen interest in Robots (I own a Sony AIBO and a Ugobe Pleo <3) I'm Currently at college studying art, as much as I detest the college I'm at and all thats in it 8D
My art style is sort of, cartoony mixed with anime/manga influesnces; because i drew anime/manga up 'til early 2006, but decided I'd prefer a more free and toony approach. :B

Something I fanart the most - Phoenix wright @A@ <3

My Original Characters so far -
Pirpi (persona)
Moth (muse)
Benedict (zombie demon)
Antagon OCs- (made up anthro plant/fish species)
Misc. OCs
Cortugibox (AKA Robowasp)
Tau (small cyborg type thing)
Squee (bat)
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thumbnail tis looking spiffy so far~
Jan 9, 2007
thumbnail ahaha! wow! hello xiau! XD i havnt been on here for aaaaaages.... but i refound my account so i thou...
Jan 4, 2007
thumbnail hes so pretty *A* i love how you coloured him.. *envys*
Jan 4, 2007
thumbnail wow!!!!
Jun 8, 2004
thumbnail oh! cool! o.o;
Jun 5, 2004
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