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enjoydotcom (Jan 21, 2011)
Pffrrrwwttt, so yeah...
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Harlie_Jayne (Feb 20, 2011)
Right now, I would love a strawberry. :(
beefcake619 (Sep 2, 2011)
Yummy drawing and thanks for your comment (:
nobuddy1997 (Feb 2, 2012)
stop guys your making me hungry!
penpen (Feb 2, 2012)
drawn in 1 hour 16 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Teapot (Aug 29, 2011)
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davincipoppalag (Jul 25, 2013)
i see that too
enigma (Jul 10, 2015)
This is a beautiful painting, I like the 12th version too, it gives it a different sort of vibe.
dorothyblueeyes (Aug 5, 2015)
davincipoppalag (Apr 19, 2018)
need to see this again too
drawn in 9 hours 35 min with Chibipaint
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penpen (Feb 1, 2012)
Haven't been here in a while... Kitty and bunny best friends!
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tehbecki (Feb 1, 2012)
Aw its cute. :)
penpen (Feb 2, 2012)
thanks :)
firecracker (Feb 3, 2012)
I's very cute, especially the bunny....I luv bunnies! :)
drawn in 53 min with Lascaux Sketch
penpen (Jun 10, 2010)
Congratulations! You've won $10,000,000!!!
And Dead Ed wants to eat your BRAIIIINS >:D
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davincipoppalag (Jun 10, 2010)
leave the check under the mat please
enjoydotcom (Jun 11, 2010)
So fricking funny!!!
padmooks (Jun 12, 2010)
would the bank still accept checks with blood on them? or is that too suspicious?
penpen (Jun 12, 2010)
That's a really good question...
drawn in 23 min with Lascaux Sketch
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penpen (Feb 24, 2008)
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padmooks (Jun 10, 2010)
no no, havent you ever seen the show "i didn't know i was pregnant"?
this is classic "8 months in and the baby is coming out, how can i be pregnant i took almost all of my birth control pills" face.
penpen (Jun 10, 2010)
hahaha, ALMOST all of them ;)
davincipoppalag (Jun 10, 2010)
there must have been a hole in one of the pills
penpen (Jun 11, 2010)
drawn in 14 min
drawn in 4 hours 14 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Flubbles (Dec 18, 2008)
Ive drew this before in colour, shes got amazing eyes in the photo.
penpen (Dec 18, 2008)
I absolutely love her eyes in the photo - that's what made me want to try to draw her :)
davincipoppalag (Dec 19, 2008)
That was a haunting photo. Nice. They did a followup on that girl years later and though she is older, she still has those piercing eyes
drawn in 55 min with Lascaux Sketch
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penpen (Jan 8, 2008)
reference photo used...
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Sweetcell (Jun 9, 2008)
Great job. I love her left hand, it stands out.
penpen (Jun 9, 2008)
Thank you :)
Aakyra (Jun 12, 2008)
Very nice! I love the energy in this!
penpen (Jun 17, 2008)
Thank you very much :)
drawn in 4 hours 45 min with Lascaux Sketch
penpen (Mar 8, 2008)
3/6/08 ♥

And if you see me losing ground
Don’t be afraid to lie
I know the pain inside my heart
Can’t break the fear inside of yours
And if you see me losing faith
In what it means to die
Don’t let me leave before I know,
what lies behind the stain glass doors

Save sorrow for the souls in doubt
Bleed every care out

Will you carry me down the aisle that final day?
With your tears of gold and shaking from the rain
When you lower me down beneath that sky of gray
Let the rain fall down and wash away your pain

For every word we never spoke we have a tear to cry
For every silence like a wall between a better you and I
So if you see me losing sight of all the death in life
You'll find the peace in every time I fail to see the death in mine

Let all the fear inside you drown
Tear out the blade and lay it down
Save sorrow for the souls in doubt
Bleed every care out


Oh, the blood is rushing out
Oh, I’m better off without
Oh, the walls are closing in
Oh, sing for me again

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Sweetcell (Jun 9, 2008)
Agreed with Dave. I don't know who he is but that's a waste. It's a nice tribute picture. The mike stand looks like it's blending in with his shirt. If you just add some lighter shade to line it it would stand out, other than that, as I said good job.

What band was he in? And how did he die?
penpen (Jun 9, 2008)
Thank you.
He was in the band Into the Machine (which was also known as Naos.) They were more of a local band, but they had big plans.
He was in a car crash - didn't wear his seatbelt. The roads were bad and he slid off the highway into oncoming traffic, two other cars hit him and sent him flying out of his car. They had to put him in a medical induced coma, but he didn't make it through the next day.
Aakyra (Jun 12, 2008)
Another great pic! Wonderful piece, emotional ...
penpen (Jun 17, 2008)
Thank you :)
drawn in 4 hours 7 min with Lascaux Sketch
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penpen (Feb 13, 2008)
ref used... "RAAH"
3 comments – latest 3:
lori (Feb 13, 2008)
kinda scary O_o
davincipoppalag (Feb 13, 2008)
You can hear it! Nicely done
penpen (Feb 13, 2008)
hehe, thanks :)
drawn in 18 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Kloxboy (Feb 12, 2008)
You're hot, just like your mom.

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Angel_Artist (Aug 22, 2008)
Dude you spelled your own name
great drawing
Kloxboy (Aug 22, 2008)
Angel Artist: If you're joking, I'm not laughing. If you're serious, you'd be wrong.
Roxana1890 (Aug 22, 2008)
xswirvex (edited Aug 22, 2008)
i like this lotssss.
( members make a part of 2draw, 2draw.. so.. you could say im "2draw" or atleast a little part? :P Oi. I LOVE YOU TOO KLOX! XoXoXo!
ps: my mom isnt hott, so i must be an ugly bitch! )
drawn in 19 min with Lascaux Sketch
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