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erm, yersh, hello. i'm just the wandering oekaki drawer.. person...

with occasional bad grammer...

her prayers have finally been answered, now she just has tgo figure out how to use her tablet properly.... *bangs it on the floor*

and is it me or in order for ANY of your anime art to get commented a lot it has to be fan art??????? o.O
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thumbnail awesome sora!!! kudos for you!!! *throws kudos in the air*
Sep 29, 2005
thumbnail aw, makes me want to cry *sniff* very pretty hair
Sep 29, 2005
thumbnail SHMEEEE!!!!! i want him so i can nail him to my wall ^w^ so cute!!
Sep 29, 2005
thumbnail SWEET!!! i miss ren and stimpy... *sniff*

Sep 28, 2005
thumbnail totchi!!!!!!!!!! *glomps*
Sep 27, 2005
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