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me ver-E fun-E i luv ur mom(anully) uhh i rape children but no 1 nos that im in all ur dreams (wetdreams)
i had to have penis reduction it was to big to have sex with im picked on all the time about it wur u 2 thats ok wur together now unless u wurnt piked on then ur just gay but thats also ok if ur gay but im not a homo so never mind i hope u had fun time reading this or did u by-by tell ur mom i said hi me out-E
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thumbnail Are these objects foggy because thats the relationship you had with your parents when they abandoned...
May 27, 2006
thumbnail ATHF forever man sweet pic deformed but wheres his lil comrad they always are together
you should a...
May 26, 2006
thumbnail My teeth hurt just looking at it.........the humanity or toothpastanity
May 26, 2006
thumbnail its good artwork but it looks inapropiate in a penis holding kind of way
Feb 18, 2006
thumbnail yea ill say so too you should put this on a higher level
May 27, 2005
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