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NOVEMBER93 and lori (Aug 6, 2009)
anyone want to mess with this picture a little?
if not, i'll delete it. no worries (:
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davincipoppalag (Aug 19, 2009)
It's really fun toggling back and forth between the versions :0)
lori (edited Aug 26, 2009)
drawn in 18 min
dog, pig, cow, goat?
wolfdemon12 (Dec 10, 2011)
Would love to mess with it, lol~
Teapot (Dec 11, 2011)
oh, I like version 5...makes me laugh. At least it was only 4:30 when I woke up. eeesh, still too early.
drawn in 2 hours 28 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
lori and davincipoppalag (May 31, 2007)
kinda tired
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Sweetcell (Jun 3, 2007)
That isn't the face I see, but it's just great that from your simple picture suddenly our imaginations explode.
Kloxboy (Jun 3, 2007)
I liked it more when it looked like a woman, almost like Lori.
Wraith (Jun 14, 2007)
Yeah! The woman one deffinately looks more creepy, in a cool way!
lynx3jumper (Aug 3, 2011)
i see a face too i saw it right when i looked at the pic!!!
drawn in 1 hour 3 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Wraith and lori (Jun 24, 2007)
So I am trying to do some realistic art.. Give me some time, still trying to figure out Oekaki. Using a reference, but so far I am way off.
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Wraith (Jul 5, 2010)
It is a hard one.
lori (Jul 23, 2010)
I can't do anything else to this in Shi.. if it was Lascaux, I'd be all over it
Wraith (Sep 10, 2010)
drawn in 1 hour 8 min
Good lord. Your right lori, this app is alot harder to work with. I am done with this one.
lori (edited Sep 10, 2010)
you did a nice job finishing this up... better than I would've done had I kept going
drawn in 3 hours 23 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
lori and padmooks (Jun 12, 2010)
12 comments – latest 4:
padmooks (Jun 18, 2010)
firecracker, he would be most offended.

thank you.
im sure outerspace is a long trek.
davincipoppalag (Jun 18, 2010)
See how cool this is,, it woke mike from the dead
lori (edited Jun 18, 2010)
I love you mook
padmooks (Jun 18, 2010)
i love you too lori!
drawn in 2 hours 59 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ and lori (Aug 18, 2009)
or you can use this one, Lori..
6 comments – latest 4:
firecracker (Aug 19, 2009)
"Cool" draw! :)
Rethikat (Sep 9, 2009)
I like how it looks like a collage.
madscientist (Mar 17, 2010)
This is lovely! Great colors and scene! Wanna go there!:))
Miss_DJ (Mar 17, 2010)
Thanks, Madscientist!
drawn in 50 min with Lascaux Sketch
enjoydotcom and lori (Aug 8, 2009)
We're done...
2 comments – latest 4:
lori (Aug 11, 2009)
drawn in 24 min
I loved the start Joyce :)
enjoydotcom (Aug 17, 2009)
drawn in 27 min
Oh oh, I accidentally removed your birdies.
davincipoppalag (Sep 19, 2009)
.. girls just wanna have fun....
Miss_DJ (Oct 6, 2009)
The last time I hung upside-down I was 42.
Nice fun draw!
drawn in 1 hour 28 min with Lascaux Sketch
Miss_DJ and lori (Aug 18, 2009)
I got carried away,, go ahead and turn this into whatever you can be your background, or turn it into a face...have fun!
7 comments – latest 4:
firecracker (Aug 22, 2009)
Very very nice!!! I like it. :)
lori (Aug 22, 2009)
oh, you're still revising :) thanks for bringing that to my attention fc
davincipoppalag (Aug 25, 2009)
This came out cool
Miss_DJ (Aug 25, 2009)
thanks, Dave! I still want to mess with it, but I'm giving it a rest.
drawn in 3 hours 3 min with Chibipaint
lori, mooki, PolythenePam, and Sweetcell (Jun 16, 2007)
paint the little girl Gisi?
15 comments – latest 4:
lori (Aug 7, 2007)
ya, appreciate it
Wraith (Aug 21, 2007)
LOL! This is a very funny collab. I can almost see this animated. When seeing it animated in my head I burst out laughing. Reminds me of my sister when I accidently broke her Jem and the Hollograms Record.
Sweetcell (Aug 21, 2007)
I LOVED Jem. Ya, I said love.
My brother teased the hell out of me though.
ichigokurosaki (Aug 10, 2008)
creepy! ^^ puuuuun
drawn in 1 hour 30 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Beginner 
mooki and lori (Feb 3, 2008)
okay its done.
lori and i crapped this out.
now we will start a fabulous new poop, that will wind you all.
4 comments – latest 4:
mooki (Jul 18, 2008)
thank you. it smells delicious.
davincipoppalag (Jul 18, 2008)
Hehe Poopyhead!
bette_davis_eyes (Jul 18, 2008)
this turned out really cool! .. great collab mookie and lori
mooki (Jul 19, 2008)
wow. someone liked it?
this makes me angry.
drawn in 46 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
lori and mooki (Feb 3, 2008)
would anyone like to finish this up for me? needs more
5 comments – latest 4:
Hokori (Feb 22, 2008)
I... wouldn't know what to add... :///(
mooki (Feb 23, 2008)
drawn in 19 min
eh, didnt know what to do
lori (Feb 25, 2008)
s'ok, I didn't know what to do either - thanks mooki
mooki (Feb 26, 2008)
no praaahblem
drawn in 39 min with Lascaux Sketch
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