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Realname: Ruby P.

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FantastiKUPO!!!! Hello, I don't know what else to say on here but...FANTASTIKUPO!!!

I am an oekaki Addict!!!! I first started oekaki in June 2007 and I feel in love ever since! Oekaki is a great method to improve your art fast!

I'm about to be my third year in college starting this fall of 2009. I'm studing to become an engineering major because I love creating new innovations to help communities, the country, or even the world. NASA is my dream job!

I'm currently on the track and field and cross country teams at my university and it's just fun!

Random fact#1: No one in real life knows that I like or draw anime except for online art communites such as Oekaki Art. But they do know I like video games.

Random Fact#2: I hate when video game characters have to complete missions under water, it's just so scary for me and it's a different environment. The sharks and fishes with big teeth scare me the most. The only way I can complete the mission is for another person to stay with me in the same room

I have a DeviantArt Account, I'm kupocoffe on there too

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