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Rosemary (Aug 27, 2023)
Can’t remember where I was going with this drawing and kinda drifted off as I was having problems with kleki.. may revisit this but for now..I want to draw something else and this is the most presentable of the things in my unfinished gallery lol
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kik (23 hours ago)
looks rlly good- i cant do side views ToT
RUSSIANFOXX (11 hours 16 min ago)
oh my. she fine
drawn in 49 min with Kleki
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
kik and RUSSIANFOXX (9 days ago)
This board is for anyone who has an OC and wants to draw it :)
anywho bro i did this on a school night so the shading isn't finished for my character...
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RUSSIANFOXX (1 day 7 hours ago)
drawn in 1 hour 54 min
ah that took too long
kik (23 hours ago)
BROOOO it looks so good fr ToT
RUSSIANFOXX (11 hours 15 min ago)
tysm kik! =D
RUSSIANFOXX (7 hours 29 min ago)
drawn in 2 hours 33 min
shit i forgor to press sumbit aaaa
drawn in 7 hours 36 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Intermediate 
kik (6 days ago)
"Soviet goth astronauts"

a recreation of Windervaux's emo astronaut in my style
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elly (2 days 8 hours ago)
Wow! I love your choice of colors and the brush strokes! The dot and line textures really make it pop too! Awesome work kik!
kik (1 day ago)
ty elly!... and uh amige OuO`
RUSSIANFOXX (11 hours 14 min ago)
you make my drawings look like trash lol
AmigeEctordiss (10 hours 45 min ago)
drawings can be bad as long as you have a good character design, charlie brown may be low detailed when drawn, but he is still considered as a good drawing because of how good the design is
drawn in 6 hours 27 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
kik (6 days ago)
A lighting practice done on a humanoid-looking cat :)
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kik (6 days ago)
drawn in 2 hours 42 min
I accidentally deleted the background thats why it looks so weird
elly (2 days 8 hours ago)
It's got a professional look...Love it with the black background but this last save has such a professional look to it. Great eyes too! My fav color....I'd say this is more than just practice ;)
kik (1 day ago)
omggg tysm elly! ^^
drawn in 7 hours 52 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Gooey (6 days ago)
just a doodle
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kik (6 days ago)
thats so cute ^^ I love the colors and shapes <3
RUSSIANFOXX (4 days ago)
elly (2 days 8 hours ago)
This has a real cool ' 70's Hippie' vibe about it..very well done!
drawn in 51 min with Chicken Paint
Public Boards/Beginner 
susu (12 days ago)
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RUSSIANFOXX (10 days ago)
fr tho
susu (10 days ago)
Da fuq
kik (9 days ago)
what happened to the innocence of this drawing...???
RUSSIANFOXX (9 days ago)
idfk lol
drawn in 1 hour 16 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Intermediate 
kik (Aug 12, 2023)
I think she's some kinda intergalactic robot wolf girl-
i still have to go back and fix the face cus uh yk I forget to flip the canvas sometimes...
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kik (11 days ago)
RUSSIANFOXX (11 days ago)
yw hehe
V4MPFaiRy (11 days ago)
RUSSIANFOXX (11 days ago)
the shading tho. i could never
drawn in 8 hours with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
Rwdraws (Aug 23, 2023)
7 comments – latest 4:
V4MPFaiRy (12 days ago)
RUSSIANFOXX (edited 11 days ago)
@V4MPFaiRy istg with you, OKAY. Tell me, where would you rather be? Alone lying in a cold, moldy coffin 6ft underground never seeing the light of day ever again, being tortured in hell for eternity (becuz suicide is actually a sin), Or being with the people you love, in the warmth of the sun, enjoying yourself? Choose wisely...
V4MPFaiRy (11 days ago)
my coffin
RUSSIANFOXX (11 days ago)
why??? the second choice is way better than being in a coffin.
drawn in 23 min with Kleki
the.polaroid.demon (Aug 21, 2023)
7 comments – latest 4:
V4MPFaiRy (12 days ago)
susu (12 days ago)
Not again!
AmigeEctordiss (11 days ago)
fiddlesticks! i knew consuming that methamphetamine hydrochloride was a bad idea!
RUSSIANFOXX (11 days ago)
well shit there goes my insides lol
drawn in 8 min with Kleki
Main Forums/Drawing Discussion 
Kleki not submitting bug fix
AmigeEctordiss (Aug 30, 2023)
If you have had trouble with Kleki not uploading your work, I do have a possible fix. When it says that there is an error, go into the layers, and merge all of them. I am not completely sure if this works, but it worked for me.
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