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Well, I'm kinda new at this so.... If my drawings are strange (like my last one), dont ask lol cause half the time, I dont even know. Anyways I hope that what I draw is ok and you peoples like it. And thx for all the nice comments ^_^. oh yea check out my friend koisnake, she's an awsome drawer
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thumbnail woa--- looks like something from a fairy tale/horror film
Jun 25, 2005
thumbnail *tiger growl*MY KITTY!!! *innocent kitty meow* its so loved by me, lol awesome piccy!!!
Jun 25, 2005
thumbnail ooo looks like its been staring at the computer or video games for too long ^__^
Jun 25, 2005
thumbnail im lovin it *mcdonalds tune plays in background*
Jun 25, 2005
thumbnail yes.. yes u are... lol i always love your art ami XD see ya next year in class =P
Jun 25, 2005
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