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dorothyblueeyes (Mar 22, 2010)
yeah,someone else can always move in,and they will;I'm not stressing about it anymore.
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Roytje (edited Mar 23, 2010)
No way. Was he really beaming?
dorothyblueeyes (May 6, 2010)
Since then,I asked talked to quite a few Canadians,in Canada,that I KNOW,about how their healthcare system works;well,there is a shortage of doctors,very much.Not enough to go around.Also,in some areas of Canada,the people living there,even outside Toronto,have no access to healthcare,cause their system has broken down,and there's no way to get it.???Either,their system there is overwhelmed,and everyone is on doctor[s waiting lists for years,and there's just no clinics,docs,facilities,and money,and there's no healthcare,even though these Canadians spend as much as 27 thousand a year,for national healthcare. ???They tell about hospital equipment(like x-rays)that do not work,so they have to go over the border,to the us,to use their hospitals.They tell that people are on waiting lists,for years,to see doctors,or they can pay a lot of cash to go to private clinics.If they cannot get into private clinics,they go to the US to see doctors,and pay money. A lot of Canadians brag their healthcare system is better than ours,but if you ask them a lot about it,they admit it's very limited,and people who are sick often can't get treatment,are on waiting lists for years,and can die on waiting lists,cause there are no doctors,they hate that system.Their system is overwhelmed.And yet,they;'re paying thousands of dollars into it,every year.Their taxes are huge.Yet,it sounds a lot worse than ours.Especailly the part about,if you have a lot of money,you skip the whole healthcare system,and you go to PRIVATE CLINICS,AND PRIVATE DOCTORS,AAand pay a lot of cash!!! In other words,everyone who is poor,low income,workingclass,and cannot afford it,has waiting lists,and maxed-out communist ghetto healthcare. The 3rd World of medicine!!ugh,scary.

Oh,and many many doctors have skipped out of the system,and have set up private clinics,and are doing private practice,and you have to pay cash to see decent ones.Wow.Talk about retreat into capitalism!!That's where all the doctors went,in Canada.That's why there is a huge shortage of docs in their system,those guys have left,to go into private non insurance practive.Money,is what they only take.NO insurance.

I thought our healthcare system was bad,and it's still going to be,cause many of our problems are not fixed by this healthcare bill;they are just ignored,and they'll get worse.Also,it is scary to find out,people in Canada tell me,the money for the whole insurance system is never enough to cover the needs of the whole system;no equipment,worn out hospitals,and no ,money for necessary equipment.Once all that money goes into their govt., it spreads so thin,you get a tookpick to take care of your emergency apendectomy.Imagine a large sack of fertilizer,is supposed to cover the needs of the entire state of Texas.It does not get spread around.They stop buying equipment,drugs,paying doctors,the doctors all dissappear,and leave,or go out of business.That is the future of our healthcare reform bill,here.Wow. Very democratic,and equal,no one can see a doctor except the rich,who pay cash.
jekyll (May 6, 2010)
If it were really like this in Canada, Dorothy, we wouldn't have to worry about health care. We'd have moved to the States or be dead!
haroldthesnail (Jan 20, 2015)
Just another mis-information post by this dbue troll. Yes - troll. Page after page of mis-information on other sites, and I see here - too.
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To Marcello: site,art has been hacked:
dorothyblueeyes (Dec 28, 2014)
mARCELLO, and other members; this sites' art and my acct. has been hacked; it is by some person from "Pirate" but is only known on "" as id "Pompoy." since tHis is illegal hacking, the FBI IS SO FUCKED UP, IT IS NOT ABLE TO BE REPORTED; I TRIED SEVERAL TIMES, THEY DON'T TAKE HACKING CRIME.THEY have some dumb idiot on the phone, who can't run the forms,there's no way to send emails to internet hacking, and this is going to keep happening; on my acct, the FBI is too du...