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foxfiresaint (Sep 16, 2008)
I drew it i think it looks kind of cool yeah that's about it.
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lori (Sep 17, 2008)
it does look good, this is well done
Noremac (Sep 17, 2008)
... but little does he know, the lamp had melted the previous night.
foxfiresaint (Sep 18, 2008)
Ha ha ha ha it totally did do that oh well... lol
drawn in 3 hours 41 min with Lascaux Sketch
Axil62 (Nov 14, 2007)
10 layers merged
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elly (Nov 14, 2007)
I've got goosebumps =O Where's the "8"? =)
MelissaMissy (edited Nov 14, 2007)
Wow, it looks real. The actual picture is simple but very very detailed. That bench looks a little like my kitchen bench!
safescene (Nov 15, 2007)
well that's pretty cool
Axil62 (Nov 15, 2007)
drawn in 54 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Intermediate 
foxfiresaint (Sep 27, 2007)
Well i was really working on how the hand would look i think it came out beautiful i still got to finish the picture but i got to go to work >.< POOPY! but i'll be back later to finish the awesome picture :D bye bye
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Wraith (Sep 27, 2007)
Looking good. Like the gun and hand. :)
foxfiresaint (Sep 28, 2007)
drawn in 47 min
Yayi finished it i think it looks pretty freaking awesome :D wah ha ha ha i like the blood! it's had to do though O_o..but i came out great I think anyways.
davincipoppalag (Sep 28, 2007)
Those floating blood drops really look 3D
foxfiresaint (Sep 28, 2007)
Why thank you ^_^ i'm glade you like them YAYS :D
drawn in 1 hour 13 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Hokori (Aug 7, 2007)
Advanced, you think?

Well, I needed the space in heighth. It's a logo for a costumer. XD
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Hokori (Aug 10, 2007)
You guys, it's a logo! D':

I would've loved to put a bg, but it's for a client, and he needs to go on shirts...
Punky (edited Aug 10, 2007)
You could add a background if you save the current version to your computer and let your client use that, then go back and add a background.
I like this, your lines are so smooth and clean.
Hokori (Aug 10, 2007)
Punky - Hm, I sent him the link to this... When he takes the image, I'll add a bg. ^_^
foxfiresaint (Sep 20, 2007)
You did a really good job with the body
drawn in 4 hours 28 min with Lascaux Sketch
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
Hokori (Sep 19, 2007)
Mm, yes. I love drawing anything that isn't reality. I get too much of that real crap in daily life, anyway.
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Hokori (Sep 21, 2007)
drawn in 29 min
Still truckin' it.
Hokori (Sep 23, 2007)
drawn in 15 min
I won't have much time to do anything else. :(

I've got a busy schedule ahead of me... yikes... I hope you guys like it, anyway.
Wraith (Sep 28, 2007)
Adams apple! LOL! Good one. This is a cool twist to a fall drawing.
Hokori (Sep 29, 2007)
Thanks! I actually have one called 'Eve's Spring' that's on my deviantart.

It's handdrawn and colored in opencanvas, though. :)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Beginner 
XxelisexX (Sep 20, 2007)
have notin to say
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foxfiresaint (Sep 20, 2007)
drawn in 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
foxfiresaint (Sep 19, 2007)
Okay so at work we close at 11 well these smart ass customer came in and we were almost closing. So they stayed until literally we had to go home. It was really annoying. At first i thought it was okay cause it was funny but then it just go stupid. They were pretty much just staying there to bug us even though we didn't do anything they where there for about 30 minutes making an ass's out of them self. Finally they went away when they told me to push the panic button so the cops could make them leave. It was soo annoying. well that was what the end of my day was like. But damn those guys were annoying so i went home and drew a picture of it. ((pretty much me my boss and a girl that works there)) And i would be saying ..." GO AWAY I WANT TO GO HOME."
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davincipoppalag (Sep 19, 2007)
That usually happens to me at 445 on a Friday. People play all day and then remember something they should have done early and come crashing in just before closing...and then you can't get rid of them. People suck
foxfiresaint (Sep 20, 2007)
Like at first i thought it was funny. BUT THEN WE CLOSED and they were still there it got old real fast! O_o i was like dude are you serious get out of our store! JERKS!
Wraith (Sep 20, 2007)
Makes you wonder if there are people out there that get payed just to annoy.
foxfiresaint (Sep 20, 2007)
They were there to ruine my day fucking bastards >.>
drawn in 2 hours 35 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
DoOp (Sep 19, 2007)
drawing 8D;; I took my time during java class, we were ddownloading eclipse... so yeh xD lulz
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fleeting_memory (Sep 19, 2007)
hey its DoOp! Very cute little picture :)
Rudeezy (Sep 19, 2007)
very nice! I still think you color really awesome-like. :D
foxfiresaint (Sep 19, 2007)
Kawii :D
drawn in 45 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
foxfiresaint (Sep 18, 2007)
This was more like test on the coloring it came out pretty well. The number one thing like about this is the skin. I think that's the most realistic thing on this picture the rest is alirght. I like the way i did the hair i probably would have done better with this picture if didn't have to go to work today so i had to finish it early. I i'll probably mess around with it more when i get home but it's not a bad picture at all at least i don't think so tell me what you think . Alright i gtg or i'm gonna be late and that's not good >.<
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Wraith (edited Sep 19, 2007)
Cool. But I think this would have came out way better with more time spent on it. Because the Icon looks really good.

Edit* Ahh yeah. A test. Sorry bout that. Coloring looks good :)
foxfiresaint (Sep 19, 2007)
Heh yeah i was just testing some thing out and it came out really well :D so that's a good thing i'll probably draw something like this again except spend more time on it so it would look way cooler but i love this skin XD :D sorry i was excited about that.
drawn in 52 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
foxfiresaint (Sep 17, 2007)
I drew a night time fairy i thought it was kind of pretty and i was playing around again with drawing humans. It came out alright but i'll probably do better the next time i draw some thing like this. I like the sky and the wings the best in this picture. I hope you guys like it too.
2 comments – latest 2:
Wraith (edited Sep 18, 2007)
Hmmmn... 0_0

I am not good with anatomy either but, if I must comment, I have to say that the arms should be smaller than the waist. The face... Hmmm.. I don't know. Looks more like a mask than anything. Don't take this comment wrong, but I think we both could use more training on human anatomy. I don't know, maybe I am just spoiled by this fairy. ( See link below )
foxfiresaint (Sep 19, 2007)
Yeah it's okay i know i didn't do that great of a job on this fairy. I'll check out the links thanks. Do you like the newest picture? i do but no one commented on it yet i was just wondering what people thought about it.
drawn in 1 hour 5 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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