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yes i know theres someone here called taori *waves to mk* ^_^ but its a long story... here ill start: i got an sn on this board, then was like, 'no i cant oekaki' and gave it to my friend mk *waves again* so.. yeah. Lol ^_^.
i dont plan on drawing anything (cuz i sux0rz at that, T_T) but i will comment because i like to ^-^
ummm if you were curious about myself then go to Worn Away or my allpoetry page yes... lol ^_^
thumbnail wow, this is really good so far!
Jan 26, 2004
thumbnail yay! tiny snow fairy sugar kicks! XD ^__^ turmeric is always the best though.. neways, good job with...
Jan 18, 2004
thumbnail wow, it looks so real!
Jan 16, 2004
thumbnail i like this.. its really pretty ^^ the flower closest has so much detail, wow, and the blurred one i...
Jan 16, 2004
thumbnail something about this i really like... the background is so peaceful looking ^^
Jan 16, 2004
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