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enjoydotcom (Oct 14, 2008)
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enjoydotcom (Oct 19, 2008)
It says, 'get well soon'.
davincipoppalag (Oct 19, 2008)
It would be a cute card then!
Suntan (Oct 19, 2008)
The lettering is great, too.. did you do it by hand?
enjoydotcom (Oct 19, 2008)
Thanks, yes, done by hand. Not sure if there are ways in lascaux to tilt font like that.
drawn in 2 hours 4 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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enjoydotcom (Apr 23, 2008)
After being terrorised by his owners little brothers, Betty Tear (yes a girls name!) decided that ripping of his head on his owners birthday was one act of meanness too many. So, Betty Tear made sure lil' bro' was never to do the same ever again.

Bear is originally from Matteo de Longis.
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davincipoppalag (Apr 29, 2008)
Ha. great entry Joyce!
lori (May 1, 2008)
this is so neatly and nicely done, you put alot of work into it, I say it deserves an A+++
drawn in 6 hours 13 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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enjoydotcom (May 21, 2007)
Started first, finished second of the mother~child series. Little did I know starting out this serie the theme mother~child would become sooo important to me.

Inspired by the lovely poster I have hanging on my wall, don't know where to find it online (haven't looked to be honest), but all credits go to Misha and Makulu who are Rothchild's Giraffes, picture taken by Ron D'raine. The original is something I still find one of the best images of all time!
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shell (May 20, 2011)
davincipoppalag (May 19, 2018)
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enjoydotcom (Apr 30, 2019)
Not sure if I ever told this back then explicitly, but I started this 2 weeks before my mother passed away very suddenly and finished it a couple weeks afterwards. I was already drawing a lot, and actually drawing on this site when I was called away to her. And afterwards I found solace in this.
It was and still is my main hobby, my mother knew (obviously) and liked to draw herself as well.
davincipoppalag (Apr 30, 2019)
Glad you had it to help you through all that Joycie
drawn in 2 hours 10 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic