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kik (12 days ago)
Yeah i occasionally do semi-realistic cats- but only sometimes cus it takes too long andddd I don't have that much energy ToT
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luv2 (4 days ago)
You have some great draws, very nice!
elly (3 days ago)
This is exceptional! The wonderful lighting and shadows, the fur, the whiskers and those EYES!! O.O
kik (3 days ago)
Yes ty TwT- I had a little trouble with the eyes lol
dingaling (2 days 1 hour ago)
Looks so wise, it's the eyes
drawn in 19 hours with Kleki
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kik (15 days ago)
"Soviet goth astronauts"

a recreation of Windervaux's emo astronaut in my style
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RUSSIANFOXX (9 days ago)
you make my drawings look like trash lol
AmigeEctordiss (9 days ago)
drawings can be bad as long as you have a good character design, charlie brown may be low detailed when drawn, but he is still considered as a good drawing because of how good the design is
elly (3 days ago)
Nice job reconnecting the hose!
kik (3 days ago)
lol thx elly! :)
drawn in 6 hours 27 min with Kleki
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madscientist111 (10 days ago)
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elly (3 days ago)
I want to see her face!
drawn in 15 min with Chicken Paint
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Rosemary (9 days ago)
Had a walk around one of the local lighthouses…couldn’t help but think of Dave..
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dingaling (9 days ago)
luv2 (4 days ago)
Nice black and white draw, he would love.
elly (3 days ago)
Beautiful! And it screams, Dave! Wonderful draw!
drawn in 1 hour 44 min with Kleki
Gooey (15 days ago)
just a doodle
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kik (15 days ago)
thats so cute ^^ I love the colors and shapes <3
RUSSIANFOXX (13 days ago)
elly (11 days ago)
This has a real cool ' 70's Hippie' vibe about it..very well done!
Rosemary (7 days ago)
Really lovely! ..and love your colour choices
drawn in 51 min with Chicken Paint
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kik (15 days ago)
A lighting practice done on a humanoid-looking cat :)
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kik (15 days ago)
drawn in 2 hours 42 min
I accidentally deleted the background thats why it looks so weird
elly (11 days ago)
It's got a professional look...Love it with the black background but this last save has such a professional look to it. Great eyes too! My fav color....I'd say this is more than just practice ;)
kik (9 days ago)
omggg tysm elly! ^^
drawn in 7 hours 52 min with Kleki
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susu and yellow.nutella (Mar 5, 2023)
Comment if you want to join, or comment something you want to say. I'm tired. Goodbye.
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Cursed_Kennedy (Mar 14, 2023)
yellow.nutella (Mar 15, 2023)
Now it looks like the famous painting with the hands reaching out for each other, jaja. I hope more people join.
luv2 (Mar 15, 2023)
Oh, now I understand this
Nice job so far, I am a newbie and older. I've seen the robot thing before, I assume mascot.
I briefly know Dave from my year here, but he drew many planes and jets. So nice!
I've never did a colab, so I don't know about participation. Perhaps the more seasoned members would do better.
All I know is....YOU ARE MISSED DAVE!

elly (Sep 8, 2023)
I like this! I miss him...a very close friend for over 20 yrs :(
drawn in 4 hours 21 min with Kleki
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V4MPFaiRy (Sep 5, 2023)
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V4MPFaiRy (Sep 5, 2023)
drawn in 7 min
Just a little doodle for Halloween thats all!!!,
susu (Sep 5, 2023)
Hehe spooky month it’s that time again hehe time to draw more pumpkins hehe I must be contained but the jackolantern candle burns bright within me hehe
elly (Sep 8, 2023)
I'm ready for pumpkins! Nicely drawn! Welcome to 2D!
V4MPFaiRy (Sep 8, 2023)
drawn in 8 min with Kleki
susu (Aug 31, 2023)
I’m debating making this my new lil guy. I think his name is Syri, the hybrid eyed mage. Leme know what you think.
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susu (Sep 2, 2023)
RUSSIANFOXX (Sep 5, 2023)
hehe his smile makes me smile lol.
AmigeEctordiss (Sep 7, 2023)
with those sharp ass claws the only spell this guy is casting is "your bloodius is now exposedius!"
elly (Sep 8, 2023)
He's so cute! You have a great artistic style all your own!
drawn in 55 min with Kleki
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Roytje (Sep 5, 2023)
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elly (Sep 8, 2023)
Nice start, Roy! And it's nice to see you's really changed but the apps are still great!
TheCrimsonKing (Sep 8, 2023)
I dig it, Roy.
dingaling (Sep 9, 2023)
I rather like just the one eye....makes you come up with stories about the other
Roytje (14 days ago)
drawn in 13 min
Broeder ja - Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
drawn in 1 hour 58 min with Kleki
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