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52Hertz (Mar 20, 2024)
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elly (Mar 26, 2024)
This is so well done, 52Hertz! This is my fav piece of yours so far! Just beautiful
drawn in 14 hours with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
madscientist111 (Mar 19, 2024)
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spotdiamonda (Mar 19, 2024)
shit thats beautiful
---LunaDraws (Mar 19, 2024)
they woke up and decided to make a masterpiece
elly (Mar 26, 2024)
I love how you used the texture and colors in this piece!
drawn in 19 min with Chicken Paint
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luv2 (Feb 16, 2024)
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spotdiamonda (Feb 25, 2024)
oml this is PERFECTION
PlainJerzel (Feb 26, 2024)
Strut check
elly (Feb 27, 2024)
NOW we're TALKIN!! Beautifully drawn, Popping color, and art skills galore!! Not to mention, a very modest artist...wonderful draw my friend!!!
drawn in 3 hours 17 min with Chicken Paint
52Hertz (Feb 26, 2024)
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elly (Feb 27, 2024)
Bob the Bunny is a Beautiful baby!
drawn in 2 hours 6 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
52Hertz (Feb 12, 2024)
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elly (Feb 20, 2024)
I do believe you've captured one of my very favorite colors in this sky! That peachy pink! Beautiful!
RUSSIANFOXX (Feb 20, 2024)
i have a friend named jade
drawn in 1 hour 52 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Intermediate 
52Hertz (Feb 16, 2024)
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luv2 (Feb 17, 2024)
I like the intense focus of subject. You definitely have unique hazy painterly style.
TheCrimsonKing (Feb 17, 2024)
This is the work I love to see. Brilliant pianist
RUSSIANFOXX (Feb 18, 2024)
elly (Feb 20, 2024)
Nice style! This draw reminds me of some of the realistic cartoon profile classics from back in the day. I'd love to see a sharper version of this!
Now, about this iplwin dude above, isn't that called SPAM? And isn't SPAM restricted from 2D?
drawn in 3 hours 20 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Advanced 
elly (Aug 2, 2023)
I'm going to be very upset if my next version does not load......
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luv2 (Feb 9, 2024)
What a luscious looking parrot tulip. Nice you kept at it.
I like chicken paint but a lot of time it doesn't load a drawing I saved. Annoying, to have several drawings just sitting waiting for program to load.
Anyway, pretty bloom and draw!
buffaww (Feb 10, 2024)
OIL PAINT COSTS TOO MUCH-]and last time my watercolor paints got stolen,they are too expensive to replace.So computer painting and drawing(and public showing of yer work,too.which you have to pay for yourself now)--is only affordable online. on these websites.(Its the WORLD;the USA is over,so is the world.Forget it.I won't miss it.) {:\
elly (Feb 13, 2024)
Thank you, PlainJerzel & spotdiamonda..that's quite a compliment! luv2, I feel the same way!! I've noticed that the longer I let a piece sit open without working on it, the more likely it's not going to save so I have a quick draw sesh and save right away. Seems to help.
buffaww, it's such a shame that art supplies have to be so expensive but there are plenty of ways to make use of cheaper paints and homemade mediums to create awesome art!! I have to say that digital drawing/painting is my first go to when I don't feel like breaking out traditional supplies and so much cleaner!! I appreciate all of you!
PlainJerzel (Feb 14, 2024)
drawn in 16 hours with Chicken Paint
Public Boards/Beginner 
52Hertz (Feb 8, 2024)
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elly (Feb 8, 2024)
Great to see your work here! This reminds me of where I grew up...I look forward to more!
TheCrimsonKing (Feb 9, 2024)
Looks like an US north eastern coastline, or a pacific northwestern coastline. Very dreamlike
drawn in 4 hours 35 min with Kleki
52Hertz (Jan 28, 2024)
2 comments – latest 2:
elly (Jan 28, 2024)
It's beautiful. Welcome to 2D
TheCrimsonKing (Feb 2, 2024)
Also very nice!
drawn in 6 hours 39 min with Kleki
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 12, 2023)
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Fnaf_Rockstarfroxy (Dec 14, 2023)
emo /j
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 14, 2023)
elly (Dec 14, 2023)
I like the colors and the freckles...hehee
RUSSIANFOXX (Dec 15, 2023)
drawn in 3 hours 20 min with Kleki
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