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cyberspaghetto (5 days ago)
Welll i got inspired by the Japanifornia Ace Attorney comic...
Eat your sush- I mean, Hamburgers!
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davincipoppalag (5 days ago)
yes.. go for the hamburgers
cyberspaghetto (5 days ago)
Oh yes, hamburgers, typical japanese food!
yellow.nutella (4 days ago)
Those hamburgers look absolutely yummy hahaha
cyberspaghetto (3 days ago)
Yes :D absolutely...
drawn in 50 min with Kleki
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This is a self portrait of who I am on the inside. I am an Omnisexual transgender male (FTM) and I express myself through my art.
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cyberspaghetto (13 days ago)
I love the way you draw! Btw im glad to see more LGBTQ+ people here! I'm bisexual and non binary :)
Oh cool! I'm so glad you feel that way :) I totally agree
drawn in 11 min with Kleki
cyberspaghetto (Apr 25, 2021)
I'M SO SORRY FOR MY INACTIVITYYY so just have this little doodle of Makoto Yuki listening to music :,)
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yellow.nutella (Apr 25, 2021)
I like the way you painted the hair. Looks soft (:
cyberspaghetto (Apr 26, 2021)
Trans_potato_Shrek_Anime (15 days ago)
This is AMAZING!
cyberspaghetto (13 days ago)
drawn in 17 min with Kleki
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Super87Nova (Apr 7, 2021)
Heyo everyone, how are you guys? Here's just a doodle of me... I was tryin out the new apps that were added, and they seem super cool! ^^ I hope you guys have a nice day-!
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yellow.nutella (Apr 7, 2021)
I like the tiny pop of the pink by the cheeks! Looks cute!
cyberspaghetto (Apr 8, 2021)
so cute :D i love how you draw!
drawn in 27 min with Lascaux Sketch 2
cyberspaghetto (Apr 6, 2021)
Little drawing of Makoto Yuuki from Persona 3...
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yellow.nutella (Apr 6, 2021)
Is it bad that I liked the splatter at the top? I really liked the form of it!
cyberspaghetto (Apr 6, 2021) pretty satisfied by it too!
SamuelOwoadeOfficial (Apr 7, 2021)
the blood splatter reminds me of all those water animations... nice drawing!
cyberspaghetto (Apr 7, 2021)
Thank you!
drawn in 2 hours 38 min with Chicken Paint
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
yellow.nutella and cyberspaghetto (Apr 5, 2021)
Just seeing if this works. Um, can you tell me how to save in the Chicken paint? I made a sketch but I didn’t find a save button. Please help!
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Trans_potato_Shrek_Anime (14 days ago)
yellow.nutella (edited 13 days ago)
Thank you
WolverineAlpha (13 days ago)
I think this is a good setting for it.
cyberspaghetto (6 days ago)
drawn in 21 sec
flat coloring :D i still have to finish it but i'll make sure to continue it as soon as possible!
drawn in 4 hours 15 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
yellow.nutella (Mar 26, 2021)
8 comments – latest 4:
Kyi-the-dog (Mar 27, 2021)
yellow.nutella (Mar 27, 2021)
Thank you everyone! You don't know how happy it makes me feel to read your comments even if you're just being nice! Hello kyithedog
Kyi-the-dog (Apr 3, 2021)
My name is kyi so you dont need to say my user
Wraith (11 days ago)
The white background looks pretty cool. Cute picture indeed.
drawn in 1 hour 39 min with Kleki
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cyberspaghetto (Mar 25, 2021)
It's really just a sketch right now... i'll continue it soon! ;)
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cyberspaghetto (Mar 25, 2021)
drawn in 15 min
starting the lineart
davincipoppalag (Mar 25, 2021)
Looking good so far
yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
Is this your character, or from a show? Looks interesting!
cyberspaghetto (Mar 25, 2021)
She's Franziska Von Karma, from Ace Attorney :D Also thank you!
drawn in 2 hours 5 min with Chicken Paint
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yellow.nutella (Mar 23, 2021)

Umm, how do I make her arms closer like the picture I'm referencing?
8 comments – latest 4: (Mar 25, 2021)
Is she holding an egg?
yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
No, it's the miraculous box ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ
cyberspaghetto (Mar 25, 2021)
Hey this looks awesome!! Great job :D
yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
Thank you so much (〃ω〃)
drawn in 2 hours 6 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Mar 21, 2021)
Me: I need to do my homework.
Hands: We need to hold that pencil.
Me: No, I promised I would do my homework and go to sleep.
Hands: Just one sketch.
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yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
I wanted something to soften the picture instead of the white. Pink kind of made the outline for the skin blend in with that so I went with purple. It still kind of blends in with the shirt, but I didn't think about it until now.
Kyi-the-dog (Mar 25, 2021)
Want tips for anime?
yellow.nutella (Mar 25, 2021)
Yes, please!
Kyi-the-dog (Mar 26, 2021)
Its kinda like your art but a diffrent eye type
drawn in 1 hour 2 min with Kleki
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